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Kitchen mold removal in Ottawa and Montreal

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Frustrated by kitchen mold? The ugly and unappetizing truth is that kitchens are one of the most common spots for mold problems. This is simply because they are very prone to moisture.

Usually, you can find kitchen mold growing around kitchen sinks, taps and windows; in or behind cupboards, appliances and furniture; and on walls.

Even though kitchen mold is a very common household problem, it is a serious one that can lead to serious damage to your property, not to mention to your health.

If you have mold in your kitchen, call the certified experts at Mold Busters for fast, friendly and affordable kitchen mold removal in Ottawa and Montreal.

How High Humidity Leads to Mold
How High Humidity Leads to Mold

Causes of kitchen mold

Everyday activities such as cooking, washing and ironing increase humidity levels inside of your home and, ultimately, promote mold growth.

In addition, leaky washers, dripping pipes, spills, a lack of ventilation and general uncleanliness can also contribute to kitchen mold.

Smaller kitchen mold problems usually appear in corners and on caulking while larger, more serious issues can cover entire walls and destroy cupboards. The longer the mold growth is ignored, the more complicated the mold removal process becomes.

How to get rid of kitchen mold for good

Needless to say, getting expert help to clean up kitchen mold is the best way to ensure effective and long-lasting protection against mold growth.

Doing it yourself might work if you’re dealing with a very small mold contamination, but generally, even this should be left to experts as mold spores become airborne easily and spread to other parts of your home quickly.

Before starting any kind of work, a professional will find the source of the mold growth (usually some sort of moisture problem) and fix it, otherwise the mold will keep growing back.

At Mold Busters, we provide every customer an initial visual inspection of their kitchen (to evaluate how bad the moisture problem is and where it’s coming from) as well as a free air quality test upon completion of the kitchen mold remediation (to ensure that all of the mold has been successfully eliminated).

For your convenience, our mold experts are available on evenings, weekends and even most holidays. Call Mold Busters to get started right away!

Mold prevention tips for kitchens

After you’ve eliminated all mold from your kitchen, there are things you have to do to ensure that it doesn’t grow back.

Here are a few expert tips for keeping mold out of your kitchen:

  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Check your fridge, dishwasher and other appliances for leaks.
  • Seal cracks around your sinks and taps.
  • Turn on exhaust fans when cooking and cleaning.
  • Open windows regularly to let in fresh air.

Looking for expert kitchen mold removal in Montreal or Ottawa? Call Mold Busters today and say goodbye to kitchen mold for good!