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    Inspection services

    Get your home checked for moisture intrusion and signs of mold to prevent structural damage, poor indoor air quality, and negative health effects.

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    Testing services

    Fast, reliable and affordable testing services for indoor air quality, mold and asbestos. Get peace of mind today!

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    Remediation services

    Improve your quality of life with our professional remediation services that cover mold removal, odour removal, ventilation, and much more.

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    Disinfection & Air Flushing

    Powerful disinfection services for residential and commercial clients. Remove viruses (yes, even coronavirus!), bacteria, fungi and other pollutants from your indoor environment with industry-grade equipment and tested antimicrobial cleaners. Plus our brand new air flushing service recalibrates your indoor environment back to a healthy, pollutant-free state.

10+ Reasons to Choose Mold Busters

  • En-Route System allows for real-time tracking of your technician’s ETA
  • Detailed project clearance reports available
  • Transferrable work warranties on our remediation projects
  • Discretion & confidentiality guaranteed!
  • Trusted by Ottawa City Hall, RBC, Elections Canada, Institut national de santé publique & many more
  • Third-party laboratory testing

Real-Time Stats

15130 Air samples collected

Poor IAQ is a common cause of allergies
and chronic health problems.
Get air quality testing to find out
if you have toxic mold growing
in your home. READ MORE >

6936 Asbestos samples collected

Asbestos tests can be carried out on any material you have concerns about, including tiles, drywall, insulation and wallpaper. Get answers now! READ MORE >

6936 Asbestos
samples collected

Asbestos tests can be carried
out on any material you have
concerns about, including
tiles, drywall, insulation
and wallpaper.
Get answers now!

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360570 KMs DRIVEN

14022 Inspections performed

Inspecting your home for signs of mold
or moisture intrusion is one of the most
effective ways of preventing structural
damage and poor indoor air quality.
Protect your property today!

4919 Remediation projects completed

Our professional remediation services will identify the source of your mold problem and repair it, minimizing the chances of mold growing back.

4919 Remediation projects

Through our remediation
service projects.

Last Updated: March 18th, 2020

Professional mold services in Ottawa & Montreal

Mold is one of the most common and persistent problems in homes, offices and other buildings. For effective long-lasting protection against mold, you need professional help.

The certified experts at Mold Busters offer fast and reliable inspection, testing and remediation services for today’s most common indoor air pollutants – from mold and mildew to asbestos and lead.

Check Out This Video

It’s Not Mold Until It’s Tested

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that all black spots on walls, floors or ceilings are mold. In truth, only a mold test can confirm this with 100% certainty.

Worried about moisture or heat loss?

If you catch moisture problems early on you can avoid devastating and costly damage to your property. Likewise, if you detect sources of heat loss, you can greatly reduce your energy bills.

Try our infrared inspections, a non-destructive way of detecting heat loss and other hidden problems behind walls and in hard-to-reach spaces. We even do predictive maintenance of electrical systems and mechanical equipment.

Thinking about buying a home?

Our comprehensive inspection services can help you make a sound investment and avoid purchasing a property that’s got a mold, asbestos or other IAQ problem.

For all of your indoor air quality needs, choose Mold Busters. With offices across Ontario and Quebec, we are often able to serve you within 24 hours of your call.

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