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Mold Removal in Belleville

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Mold Removal in Belleville

Mold Busters provides fast, effective and affordable air quality testing, mold inspection and mold remediation services in Belleville, and we've been doing so for nearly 10 years.

Our technicians are fully trained and certified at the National Association of Mold Professionals, and they adhere to ANSI/IICRC protocols for mold remediation and water damage restoration.

Mold Removal Services in Belleville
Mold Removal Services in Belleville
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Belleville, Ontario

Situated on the Bay of Quinte in southeastern Ontario, Belleville is home to 49,454 residents (2011) and numerous corporations, including Procter & Gamble, Avaya, Sears, Reid's Dairy and Parmalat Canada. With numerous stores and restaurants popping up throughout the city and the charming Prince Edward County across the Bay, Belleville offers the perfect mix of city and country living.

My attic is practically inaccessible, but I think there might be a mold problem inside because I recently found out my roof was damaged. What should I do?

Don’t worry. Attics are a perfect example of how infrared cameras can be used to detect mold...even in inaccessible or hard-to-reach spaces. Basically, infrared cameras measure thermal energy (heat) given off by different objects.

Since mold is a living organism and all living things emit heat, an infrared inspection can easily let you know whether or not you have a mold problem. It will also reveal any water damage or moisture intrusion in your attic.

What’s more, infrared inspections are non-contact, saving you time and money because you don't have to cut holes in your walls in order to check behind them for mold.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • I usually wouldn't take the time to sit down and write a review, but Mold Busters really deserves a word of praise for its excellent customer service and quality work. They really did some high quality work and I really appreciate the three-year warranty! A. Williams (Belleville, Ontario)
  • I have been sick for over a month with an odour coming from my neighbours. Management did nothing as they said it was their food. Mold Busters came to investigate the odour. Very courteous, polite and did testing. Explained everything in details and sent me in the right direction to resolve the problem. Turns out I wasn't crazy! They're now helping clean up the smell at my neighbours. Thank you so much. I was dreading winter in that smell. I really appreciate what you did and I would highly recommend you !! Lucie M
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