Odour Removal

Odour Removal in Ottawa and Montreal
Ottawa & Montreal

Odours can be tough to remove–so tough, in fact, that many of us simply opt to cover them up with harsh air fresheners rather than kill them properly. This, however, is neither a permanent solution nor a healthy one.

A big part of removing odours effectively is locating the source the odour and dealing with it head on. Common odour-causing culprits include

  • Cigarette smoke and tobacco
  • Pets and animals
  • Food, spices and cooking
  • Backed up plumbing, standing water and sewage
  • Appliances
  • Chemicals and detergents
  • Exhaust
  • Bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Garbage and general uncleanliness

At Mold Busters, we provide effective odour removal for properties of all types. We can even remove odours from cars, boats, mobile homes, trailers, RVs and so much more.

Stop using harsh chemicals that often smell worse than the odour you’re trying to cover up. Call on Mold Busters for professional odour removal services in Montreal and Ottawa.

How to Get Rid of Persistent Odours
How to Get Rid of Persistent Odours

How to remove tough odours

For many people, a common problem when trying to sell their home is the smell of lingering cigarette smoke and tobacco in the air. Other lingering smells such as cooking spices can also become trapped in the home, making it increasingly difficult to sell.

Prospective buyers are turned off by “smelly” homes because they are afraid that these tough odours will never come out. And who wants to invest in a stinky home?

Mold Busters has a solution. Using powerful air filters, air scrubbers and ozone generators, we are able to remove the bacteria, fungi and other odour-causing particles, giving you effective and long-lasting relief from persistent and unpleasant household odours.

Our air purification services leave homes feeling cleaner and newer. On top of that, we help you find the source of the odour so that you can prevent it from coming back.

So if your property is in need of some freshening up, contact Mold Busters for professional odour removal in Montreal and Ottawa!