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Mold Removal in Montreal

Mold, mildew and overall poor indoor air quality are growing concerns for residential and commercial property owners. To combat this and improve overall quality of life, Mold Busters is committed to providing reliable and affordable air testing services and mold removal in Montreal.Our technicians are qualified to carry out complete mold testing, inspection and remediation as well as a number of other environmental services. We're certified with NAMP and strictly adhere to S500 and S520 guidelines set out by ANSI/IICRC.To learn more about these certifications and other credentials, check out our Qualifications page. Or, if you're ready to book a mold inspection, contact us!

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Mold Remediation & Air Quality Testing in Montreal
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Located in the southwestern part of Quebec, Montreal is the largest city in the province and the second-largest in all of Canada. Named after Mount Royal, a three-peal hill in the city centre, Montreal used to be called Ville-Marie. Although the official language is French, the city has a large anglophone community as well and is referred to by some as Canada’s Cultural Capital.

What should I expect from a Montreal mold inspection?

Every mold inspection begins with a visual assessment in which a certified Mold Busters inspector takes a close look at the suspected area. He looks for signs of moisture intrusion; measures the moisture content of the air; takes a particle scan and temperature readings; and pays attention to any visual signs of mold such as black spots and wall discoloration; musty odours; and water damage. Using an infrared camera, the inspector then scans the room for any abnormalities in temperature, which are indicative of a mold problem. Finally, upon your request, the inspector can take an air quality test or surface sample to determine whether or not mold is present.

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  • My friends call me a neat freak – probably because I like keeping my house spotless. That said, I was horrified when during my basement renovation I discovered major mold underneath the old carpeting. I had no idea what to do until one my friends suggested Mold Busters. I’m so happy with their work. They were fast and I was able to get back to my basement renovation in just two days. Thank you again Mold Busters. Jessica M. (Montreal, Quebec)
  • The technician Charlie was incredibly intelligent and really took his time to answer all of our questions about asbestos. Unfortunately the price for the testing services was way too expensive for us especially knowing what other companies charge. Aside from that the service was top notch. The gentleman over the phone was professional and informative. He got us an appointment within a few hours and again, Charlie really impressed all of us. Give that young man a raise haha. Thanks for the quick service. Joanne W