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What experts look for when they’re trying to assess the risk of mold on your property in Smiths Fallsis dampness. Moisture and heat are the ingredients you need to go from a little mold problem to a big one. Regularly scheduled mold testing can help ensure that this does not become a problem, but it also takes some work on the part of tenants. Tenants should try to keep their house in a condition that does not encourage mold and damp. Houses should be kept well aired and if the mold appears, it should be wiped-clean the day it appears.

Before you move into the property, you and landlord should inspect the property together and note any damage in a property inspection report. If you suspect any signs of mold infestation, make your landlord call Mold Busters Smiths Falls – their professional team will do the necessary inspection and take measures to properly convey the remediation process.

At Mold Busters, ensuring a healthy and safe living environment for our Smiths Falls clients is our priority. See how we can help you—call us now and talk to a certified expert!

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This small, quiet town of 9,000 offers residents and tourists a number of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, swimming, birdwatching, and many others.

However, this otherwise idyllic town suffers from unusually high rates of mold infestation due to its humid climate.

If you are concerned about mold in Smiths Falls, Mold Busters can help.


Are there other mold removal companies in Smiths Falls?

Mold removal companies are available in Smiths Falls, but you don’t want amateurs fixing one of the most complex problems that can afflict your property. Mold Busters is dedicated to providing our customers with the fastest and most reliable services when it comes to mold and air quality testing and removal.

Mold Busters experts are trained and certified by the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP), water restoration technicians (RSA) and thermographers (Palmer Wahl) who, for your safety, adhere strictly to IICRC guidelines and procedures.

No one offers the range and quality of testing, and the speed and completeness of mold removal in the Smiths Falls area. Our customers are always satisfied. Calling Mold Busters is risk free. We can help you schedule an appointment, and if you choose to go through with an inspection a report and quote is available before we do any mold remediation work. Call today.

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