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Mold Removal in Smiths Falls

Poor indoor air quality is a major concern in homes and workplaces. Mold Busters inspects for and eliminates mold and other IAQ pollutants to keep residents of Smiths Falls healthy and safe.We are NAMP-certified and closely follow ANSI/IICRC S500 and S520 guidelines. Check out our Qualifications page to see how we're trained and certified to provide you with the most reliable inspection, testing and remediation services in Smiths Falls.

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Smiths Falls

Located on the Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario, Smiths Falls is famous for its locks system and railway stations. The town is also well-known for being the former home of the famous chocolate manufacturer, Hershey Canada. The population of Smiths Falls, as of 2011, was 8,978.

I've been noticing black spots below my bathroom sink. If these spots are related to mold, what could have caused it?

Mold growth (which can only be confirmed by a mold test), is a common problem in bathrooms. Mold under the sink develops because this area is susceptible to excess moisture.

When piping under the sink leaks and moisture accumulates, mold will often develop on a nearby surface—and quickly. We suggest keeping an eye out for leaks, condensation around piping and related plumbing issues in your bathroom.

Moreover, the bathroom, in general, is damp and more prone to mold than other areas of your home. For bathroom mold removal in Smiths Falls, Mold Busters can help.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • As a tenant, I felt helpless when my landlord didn't want to deal with a clear mold problem in my bathroom. He kept saying that it wasn't dangerous and that all I had to do was wipe it off. That's when Mold Busters came in, took an air quality test and got my landlord to cooperate. In the end, he ended up paying for the remediation and the air test! L. Robinson (Smiths Falls, Ontario)
  • I found the team was very professional in their interactions with me as well as in their work. They were very accomandating in regards to certain requests made by me. Finally, the work to rid the presence of mold in my house was a complete success. Linda G