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Visual Inspections in Ottawa and Montreal
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A visual analysis is a mold inspector’s preliminary introduction to the mold problem. It allows the inspector to

  1. Locate any moisture intrusion in order to determine the cause of the mold growth,
  2. Look for any other mold symptoms in the house (odours, surface discoloration, condensation, etc.)
  3. Evaluate the extent of the contamination or damage, and
  4. Develop a scope of work.

Depending on the case, a visual mold inspection can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, during which time the mold inspector may take air quality tests, an infrared scan, moisture and humidity readings, or surface samples of the suspected material.

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Most Common Visual Signs of Mold
Most Common Visual Signs of Mold

What’s included in a visual analysis for mold?

During a Mold Busters visual inspection, the mold inspector:

  • Looks for signs of mold growth,
  • Identifies possible sources of moisture,
  • Assesses the extent of the mold problem,
  • Takes humidity, temperature and other readings,
  • Takes pictures,
  • Recommends possible treatment options, and
  • Evaluates possible mold removal options and establishes a scope of work.


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Carrying out regular mold inspections in your home or office is extremely important because detecting mold early makes the removal and remediation process much easier (and cheaper!).

If mold problems are left unaddressed, they will significantly reduce indoor air quality and your overall quality of life.

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