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Don’t Pay for Your Mold Inspection. Go Virtual, It’s Free!

Mold lurks, plotting to wreak havoc on your home and well-being. But fear not, our virtual wizardry will foil its plans! Discover how to get a free mold inspection.

Worried about poor indoor air quality and suspect mold lurking in your home? Schedule a FREE virtual mold inspection appointment! Our Mold Busters experts, trained in mold testing and professional mold remediation, are ready to leap into virtual action with cutting-edge technology.

Just grab your phone camera and connect with our mold-fighting heroes. They’ll assess the situation, provide tailored recommendations, and present a competitive quote for mold elimination. Sit back, relax, and conquer mold with our ingenious remote mold inspection service. Mold, prepare to be busted!


Book Your Virtual Appointment. Select the date and time you wish to speak with an expert.


Connect & Discuss. Connect via a video phone call with one of our certified indoor environmental experts to discuss the details of your situation.


Get Your Report and Estimate. In just a few hours, you will receive a complete report, recommendations for further action, and quote, should remediation be necessary.

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**Virtual assessments are complimentary for users within Canada. A fee will apply for users outside of Canada.

Why Choose a Virtual Mold Inspection?

As is the case with a regular inspection, a remote inspection with phone has several benefits:

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    Helps identify structural home problems (this is particularly useful if you’re buying a home and would like to check it for potential problems).
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    Reveals moisture problems such as leaks, cracked foundation, water damage, previous flooding and condensation.
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    This inspection is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to get feedback from a professional mold inspector about any suspicious mold growth in your home, office or cottage.
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    Completed more than 500 inspections using Mold Busters proprietary inspection software. It’s a free mold expert – on demand!
**Virtual assessments are complimentary for users within Canada. A fee will apply for users outside of Canada.
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Virtual Inspections Performed

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Experience the convenience of a virtual mold inspection, allowing you to have a professional inspection without the need for anyone to physically enter your home or office.

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What’s Included with a Virtual Inspection?

All it takes is reaching out to our team to ensure your property is safe, comfortable, and healthy during this difficult time. We’re here for you and look forward to discussing your needs in more detail.

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    The service includes a half-hour phone or video call with our certified inspector
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    We provide guidance, advice, and mold removal recommendations tailored to your specific needs
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    We will be happy to explain any aspect of our service processes as needed and address any questions you may have
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    We will walk you through the inspection process to ensure all issues are covered
**Virtual assessments are complimentary for users within Canada. A fee will apply for users outside of Canada.
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Your Virtual Inspectors:

Luka – Indoor Environmental Inspector
Danica – Indoor Environmental Inspector
Jovan – Indoor Environmental Inspector

About the Creators:

Mold Busters is one of Canada’s leading mold inspection and mold remediation companies. We have operated from our head office in Ottawa, ON, since 2005 but have since opened locations around Canada, including Gatineau and Montreal. We’ve also opened offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

Since 2005, our team has been testing for and removing mold and other air pollutants from your indoor living environment, ensuring you have a healthy and safe place to spend time in.

We are certified by the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) and strictly adhere to IICRC remediation guidelines.

We value ongoing education, and we stay updated in today’s ever-changing industry. As a result, we’re able to offer our clients both optimal service and industry insight and our team is fully qualified to carry out a wide range of environmental inspection and removal services.

It’s our priority to make sure the air you breathe is free of mold and other air pollutants.

If you suspect there’s mold, do not put off getting professional help. Book your FREE mold inspection today for immediate peace of mind.

For more information about this inspection or any of our mold and air quality services in Ottawa and Montreal, contact Mold Busters.

**Virtual assessments are complimentary for users within Canada. A fee will apply for users outside of Canada.
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To get a free mold inspection, book a Free Virtual Mold Inspection with Mold Busters by selecting the date and time that suits you. After the inspection, our experts will provide you with a competitive quote for mold removal services, should they be necessary.
While a virtual inspection may not be as thorough as an in-person inspection, it is a convenient, fast, and cost-effective way to receive feedback from a professional mold inspector about any suspicious mold growth in your home or office.
While a virtual mold inspection focuses on visually identifying mold development and moisture issues, it can still provide insights into potential indoor air quality issues. For a comprehensive indoor air quality test, you might need additional services like air sampling and air quality testing.
To prepare for a virtual mold inspection, make sure you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone or tablet with a camera. Be ready to show the areas of concern to the inspector during the video call.
Mold exposure can lead to various health issues, particularly for individuals with allergies, asthma, or weakened immune systems. A mold infestation can release mold spores into the air, contributing to air pollution and negatively impacting indoor air quality.
If you suspect unchecked mold growth, start by booking a Free Virtual Mold Inspection with Mold Busters to assess the situation. Based on the inspection results, our experts will provide recommendations for further action, which may include in-person mold inspection services or mold removal services.
During a virtual mold inspection, our experts will assess the situation and ask about any factors that may contribute to mold growth, such as relative humidity levels and air pollution.
A virtual mold inspection mainly identifies visible mold and moisture issues. Detecting hidden mold or assessing air quality issues may require an in-person inspection, air sampling, and air quality testing.