Virtual Inspection

Follow established distancing guidelines while ensuring a thorough inspection of your property

Do you need your property professionally inspected but can’t or won’t risk viral transmission from an onsite visit due to COVID-19?

We at Mold Busters understand and have an ideal solution: Virtual inspections!

Link up with our experts digitally instead, where we’ll determine what needs to be done and provide you with a competitive quote. It’s that simple!

Virtual Assessments

How it Works?

Schedule a digital appointment online

Connect with one of our certified indoor environmental specialists

Let them perform a thorough remote inspection, then receive your quote and timeframe

What’s Included?

Virtual Mold Inspection

  • The service includes a half-hour phone or video call with our certified inspector
  • We give you guidance, advice and formation of the best course of action for your specific needs
  • We will be happy to explain any aspect of our service processes as needed and address any questions you may have
  • We will walk you through the inspection process to ensure all issues are covered

All it takes is reaching out to our team to ensure your property is safe, comfortable, and healthy during this difficult time. We’re here for you and look forward to discussing your needs in more detail.