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You move into a brand new house, you’re happy and think that everything is fine, but suddenly, for some unknown reason, everyone keeps coming down sick, and you can’t figure out why!

You call mold inspector to do mold testing and soon you find out that you have the dreaded black mold! Mold exposure presents real risks to your family health and it should not be taken for granted.

If scrubbing and bleaching don’t solve your problem, call Mold Busters Hawkesbury, mold remediation specialists who will uncover and remove harmful spores. It’s better to call sooner than later, because any mold problem can become huge!

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Reasons why Mold Busters is Hawkesbury’s preferred mold removal company

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Why call a professional mold removal company?

Mold problems are rarely simple. In fact, most mold growth is masking a more serious moisture issue. Unfortunately, not all property owners are equipped with the know-how to locate and clean up mold safely and effectively. This is especially true when it comes to larger mold contaminations that reach beyond the surface of a material. Attempting to clean mold yourself puts you at risk of exposure to mold, asbestos and other toxic substances, not to mention, contaminating other areas of your home.

A mold professional has the knowledge, training and experience to find the root causes of the mold growth, evaluate the extent of the contamination and remove the mold safely. As world-class experts, Mold Busters guarantees that our mold removal work follows and exceeds current industry standards for mold remediation. We are here to help you with any of your indoor air quality concerns.

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Service Areas Across Hawkesbury

Hawkesbury is a small town in Eastern Ontario that sits on the Ottawa River, near the Ontario-Quebec border. It is located almost exactly halfway between Ottawa and Montreal, hence why the majority of residents are fluent in both English and French. In fact, Hawkesbury is the third most bilinugal town in Ontario.

With a population of 10,263 in 2016, Hawkesbury offers residents and tourists alike the opportunity to enjoy nature with plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing and snowboarding.

We service residential, commercial, goverment properties across Hawkesbury and rural areas.


What’s included in our mold removal service?

Our approach to every job is to perform an extensive assessment of the affected area before beginning any mold remediation work. This vital first step gives us a thorough understanding of your specific needs so that we can customize an effective remediation strategy, a realistic timeline and an accurate cost breakdown.

Here’s what else you can expect when you hire Mold Busters:

  • Detect mold problems, visible or hidden
  • Locate the moisture problem that’s causing the mold growth
  • Set up containment of the contaminate area
  • Perform a complete mold remediation of affected areas
  • Dispose of mold-contaminated materials
  • Provide post-remediation clearance testing
  • Unparalleled customer service, with a dedicated Customer Solutions Provider communicating with you about any updates, test results, project reports, etc.

Because we work with accredited third-party microbiological laboratories for all our testing services, you get unbiased results and complete transparency. We never use scare tactics to pressure you into buying a service that you don’t need.

Healthier indoor air quality is just a phone call away.

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