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Mold Removal in Carleton Place

Worried about the air quality inside your home or office? Getting it checked out sooner rather than later can help you stay healthy and avoid costly repairs. Contact Mold Busters for same-day air quality tests and mold inspections in Carleton Place.Our technicians are fully trained to detect and remove mold, asbestos, VOCs and other IAQ pollutants from residential and commercial properties. For reliable and affordable environmental services in Carleton Place, call Mold Busters.

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Carleton Place

About 45 km west of Ottawa, Carleton Place is a town in eastern Ontario with a population of 9809 (2011). In addition to the numerous parks, walking trails, museums and galleries found in Carleton Place, the Mississippi River and Mississippi Lake are two of the town's main attractions.

It rained heavily last week here in Carleton Place. Initially there were no signs of water damage in my restaurant; however, this week I’m seeing water stains on the ceiling. Is it too late for mold prevention?

Typically mold will grow within 24-48 hours after water intrusion. So, given that the heavy rainfall occurred last week—and assuming there hasn’t been rain since—there's a good chance mold would have already developed.

However, at Mold Busters, we stand by that it's not mold until it’s tested. An air quality test will determine with certainty whether or not mold has developed.

Prevent future mold growth by fixing the leak in your restaurant.

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  • I couldn't believe how much mould I found underneath the flooring during my home renovation. I tried to clean it up myself but it was just frustrating and pointless. I finally called Mold Busters after a couple of my neighbours told me about their great services. I’m so glad I did. They even applied a polymeric disinfectant everywhere to prevent the mold from growing back. Coupal, J. (Carleton Place, Ontario)
  • Mold Busters, specifically Charles Leduc, performed a mold assessment at my apartment and was extremely professional and personable. He discovered mold growing in the drywall of my apartment's crawl space which also housed the sump pump for the building. Charles answered all of my questions and made himself available to me to discuss my options and help me better understand my apartments specific mold issues. He also helped direct me to resources for researching my rights as a tenant and conducted himself in an unbiased manner when communicating either with me or my landlord. I was able to reach him via online chat, text, email and by phone. I appreciated the honesty, sincerity and informative nature of all our communications. Mold Busters accommodated me in a very timely manner in all aspects; from inspection to report, all the way to providing available (and short notice) mold remediation scheduling for the week I requested, I was most impressed with the professional experience and availability. I rate Mold Busters 10 out of 10 all day long. Michael E