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Mold Removal in Carleton Place

Worried about the air quality inside your home or office? Getting it checked out sooner rather than later can help you stay healthy and avoid costly repairs. Contact Mold Busters for same-day air quality tests and mold inspections in Carleton Place.

Our technicians are fully trained to detect and remove mold, asbestos, VOCs and other IAQ pollutants from residential and commercial properties. For reliable and affordable environmental services in Carleton Place, call Mold Busters.

Everything You Need to Know about Black Mold
Everything You Need to Know about Black Mold
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Carleton Place, Ontario

This small town of slightly over 10,000 people is situated in Eastern Ontario, roughly 50 kilometers from Ottawa.

The Mississippi River and Mississippi Lake bring plenty of wildlife and natural beauty but also moisture.

This outdoor moisture turns to indoor humidity, which increases the risk of mold growth. Therefore, residents should be especially vigilant in checking their homes for mold and removing it if any is found.

It rained heavily last week here in Carleton Place. Initially there were no signs of water damage in my restaurant, but this week I’m seeing water stains on the ceiling. Is it too late for mold prevention?

Typically mold will grow within 24-48 hours after water intrusion. So, given that the heavy rainfall occurred last week—and assuming there hasn’t been rain since—there's a good chance mold would have already developed.

However, at Mold Busters, we stand by that it's not mold until it’s tested. An air quality test will determine with certainty whether or not mold has developed.

Prevent future mold growth by fixing the leak in your restaurant.

Expert mold remediation services in Carleton Place

Mold Inspection

If you’re like most people, you probably think of mold as nothing more than a mild nuisance. However, household mold can cause everything from headaches to allergies, asthma attacks and a vast array of other symptoms. With enough time and exposure, household mold can even be deadly. And worse yet, it is often hidden away in walls and floors, where it flourishes and spreads for months before it becomes visible to the naked eye. If you wait until you notice signs of mold—discoloration, black spots—on your walls or ceilings, you have already been breathing in mold spores for weeks or even months.

The only way to know you’re safe from mold is to have your home inspected by qualified professionals. Mold Busters can inspect your home using a variety of advanced techniques, such as thermal imaging and air testing. In addition to identifying hidden sources of mold, we can investigate the underlying causes of mold growth (e.g., poor ventilation) and prevent it from developing in the future.

Don’t wait until mold is climbing up your walls. For accurate, comprehensive mold inspection in Carleton Place, call us today.

Mold Testing

You probably know about many of the signs of mold, whether it’s discoloration in walls and ceilings, cracking paint or wallpaper, musty smell, or a number of others. What you probably don’t know is that by the time you notice these signs, mold has already reached advanced stages of growth and has been contaminating the air in your home for weeks or even months. Typically, mold begins growing in hidden places like walls, floors and attics. These areas are excellent at trapping the heat and moisture mold needs to thrive. They also provide cellulose-rich materials like wood and paper, which feed mold. From there, mold emits spores, which spread through your ventilation system to the rest of your house, where you and your loved ones breath them. By the time mold spreads to a place where it is readily visible, you will likely be suffering symptoms like headaches and nausea.

If you want to catch mold before it has reached such an advanced stage of growth, you need to hire professionals for an inspection. At Mold Busters, we have the tools to see mold hidden in your walls, ceilings, and attics. We can identify mold infestations weeks before they would present visible signs, saving you untold damage to your health and the health of your loved ones.

To arrange mold testing in Carleton Place, contact Mold Busters.

Mold Removal

If mold is discovered in your home, you need to remove it quickly in order to minimize damage to your health and property. However, you should resist the temptation to remove mold yourself. The slightest disturbance will release mold spores into the air and from there, they will spread easily to the rest of your house. This is why most homeowners who tackle mold removal on their own make the problem worse.

At Mold Busters, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to contain mold infestations and remove them safely. We seal off the affected area and filter all outgoing air with HEPA filters that capture mold spores. We remove all affected materials in air-tight bags to ensure that mold spores don’t spread to other areas during disposal.

If you need mold remediation in Carleton Place, call us today.

Air Quality Testing

If you’re like most people, you are probably more concerned about outdoor air pollution than indoor air pollution. Radio stations and newspapers are constantly warning us of smog and other pollutants. However, indoor air quality has a much bigger health impact, in large part because that is where we spend the majority of their time. We eat, sleep, work and spent most of our leisure time indoors.

There are numerous pollutants floating in your indoor air, including mold, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and asbestos. Long-term exposure to polluted indoor air can result in various health issues. They can cause dizziness, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and a variety of other symptoms. You can reduce the health effects of poor indoor air quality by reducing your time spent indoors, but for many people this isn’t possible. If you can’t reduce the amount of time you spend indoors, you can at least try to improve the quality of the indoor air you breathe. To do this, you need the expertise of qualified professionals who can tell you what affects the indoor air in your home.

When you hire Mold Busters experts, they will assess your indoor air quality and implement a comprehensive plan to improve indoor air quality.

If you need air quality testing in Carleton Place, call us today.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is very harmful to human health, especially if you inhale on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many homes still contain asbestos because construction companies have been allowed to use materials with asbestos until very recently. There may be asbestos in your tiles, drywall, caulking, cement, roof, siding and other materials. Regular maintenance and renovation of your home (e.g., drilling into drywall, installing electrical wiring, removing tiles) can release asbestos into the air. To find out whether your house contains asbestos, you need to hire qualified professionals to test the air in your home. Using sensitive tools and sophisticated techniques, they can detect asbestos particles of in the air and identify the likely source. From there, they can examine your home and develop a remediation plan.

Don’t let asbestos harm your health or the health of your loved ones. To schedule asbestos testing in Carleton Place, contact Mold Busters.

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I couldn't believe how much mould I found underneath the flooring during my home renovation. I tried to clean it up myself but it was just frustrating and pointless. I finally called Mold Busters after a couple of my neighbours told me about their great services. I’m so glad I did. They even applied a polymeric disinfectant everywhere to prevent the mold from growing back. Coupal, J. (Carleton Place, Ontario)
As an investor and going through several transaction I can say, Bust Mold, Charles Leduc provided professionally with all the tools in hand to find a potential source of a problem with recommendations. Even using todays methods for source of payment and communications. Thank you! Josh, B. (Carelton Place, Ontario)
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