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Mold Busters strives to deliver comprehensive mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal services in Ottawa for both residential and commercial properties. Fast, reliable and affordable—always.

Our inspectors and technicians are fully certified with the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) and strictly follow IICRC guidelines for safe and effective remediation and water restoration. We also have certified thermographers on our team to help you identify hidden problems like moisture intrusion, air leakage, mold growth and electrical overheating.

So, whether you’re dealing with toxic mold, asbestos, VOCs or even a mouse problem, we can help restore the health and safety of your indoor space. Call now to speak to a certified technician.

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Why Ottawa Prefers Mold Busters

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters in Ottawa

Citizens of Ottawa spend a whopping 90% of their time indoors. This is especially true in the cold winter months. In addition, new homes and buildings are becoming more and more airtight.

While this is great for energy efficiency, it does limit air exchange, which can compromise indoor air quality and lead to the accumulation of toxic pollutants like black mold spores in your home or office.

This is why so many people are struggling with symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose and headaches on a daily basis.

Whether or not you have a mold problem, getting your indoor air tested is a good idea if you want to eliminate threats from your home and ensure good health.

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Track Your Inspector’s ETA

Don’t lose time or energy wondering when your inspector will arrive. With our unique En-Route system, you will receive a notification when our mold inspector is on his way to your Ottawa home.

Track him in real time on Google Maps and know exactly when he will be at your door. No more waiting. Complete transparency.

Our Price-Match Guarantee!

Comparing prices for Ottawa mold removal? Look no further because Mold Busters will match (or beat!) any competitor’s mold removal quote to ensure that you get the best possible service at the lowest possible price. Our reputation for excellence is built on always putting our customers first. We don’t use scare tactics and we never upsell our services. With over 15 years of experience in successfully decontaminating indoor environments, there is no better choice than Mold Busters to resolve your issues.

Learn more about our Price-Match Guarantee for Ottawa homes.

Dedicated Customer Solutions Providers Working for You

Wondering how we are able to answer calls after hours, schedule same-day inspections or deliver reports within 48 hours of a mold inspection? Our Customer Solutions team is a remarkable group of highly trained and knowledgeable staff whose main duty is to communicate with clients and make sure all of their questions and concerns have been answered. No other mold removal company in Ottawa compares!

Need Financial Help? Financing Now Available in Ottawa!

Mold can strike any time, whether you’re ready for it or not. Luckily, Mold Busters now offers financing options for homeowners who need some help paying for mold removal work in Ottawa. No matter how big or small your mold problem, our financing can work for you. The process is simple and flexible. Just fill out the application form to get started.


If you suspect a mold problem, the best thing you can do is to contact a professional and get it checked it out. Not all black spots on walls are mold.

A certified mold inspector will be able to come in and take an air quality test or surface sample, look for other signs of mold contamination, and identify the cause of the problem (usually some form of moisture intrusion). You might have a leaky pipe behind your wall, cracked foundation that’s allowing water to enter your home, or you might simply have a spider infestation.

Remember, if it is mold, the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. A professional mold inspection will give you the answers you need to address the mold problem quickly and effectively.

We get asked this question a lot, but the answer is always the same. As simple as the mold problem may seem, it’s impossible for us to give a quote without seeing the problem first. This is because the extent of the damage is not always visible and further investigation may reveal underlying issues that need to be addressed before any remediation begins. It’s kind of like a mechanic trying to fix your car over the phone–a lot of guesswork would be involved.

As such, we always recommend a comprehensive visual inspection before committing to any remediation work in order to avoid surprises, headaches and unexpected expenses. Luckily, at Mold Busters Ottawa, we’re committed to providing fast, reliable service. We’re often able to provide property owners in the Ottawa area with same-day mold inspections so you can get your mold problems fixed sooner rather than later.

Yes. Upon completion of every mold inspection, Mold Busters Ottawa sends you a final report by e-mail. The report includes the inspector’s observations of any problems identified during the inspection and a professional recommendation whether or not remedial action is necessary.

If you had any air quality tests taken during the inspection, the final report will also include a summary of the results and will be delivered by e-mail to you within 2 to 4 business days.

For more information about written reports or to find out how you can receive your air quality test results faster, contact us today.

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