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Worried about mold, asbestos, water intrusion, heat loss or any other air quality problem? We’ve got you covered.

Mold Busters has been providing fast and professional mold inspections and mold removal in Gatineau for nearly 15 years. We have seen every kind of mold problem and have the equipment to clean it up safely and effectively while giving you long-lasting protection against future contamination.

Mold Busters technicians are fully certified with NAMP (National Association of Mold Professionals) and always follow the guidelines for safe mold remediation and water damage restoration.

If you want a permanent solution to your mold problem, call your local experts.

Mold Busters Gatineau Celebrates 15+ Years in Business

10+ Reasons Gatineau Chooses Mold Busters

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    15 years professional experience removing mold
  • icon no tactics
    No scare tactics
  • icon same day
    Same-day appointments in Gatineau
  • icon booking
    Quick & easy online booking
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    En-Route System for real-time tracking of your inspector
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    Price-Match Guarantee on Gatineau mold remediation
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    Third-party mold and air quality testing

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Gatineau?

Mold is one of our primary concerns at Mold Busters, but it is just one factor in the overall indoor air quality of a building. In addition to black mold, other pollutants like asbestos, VOCs and radon also pose a huge risk to your health and well-being.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we don’t even realize we’re exposed. This is because most indoor pollutants like asbestos, radon and VOCs are hard to detect – we cannot see or smell them. Until now.

Mold Busters offers air quality testing for mold and asbestos.

Our Services

Our most popular services include:

Mold Busters Gatineau Perks

Track Your Inspector in Real Time

Unlike many mold removal companies in Gatineau, Mold Busters takes appointments very seriously. Your time is valuable, which is why you’ll get notified as soon as your inspector is on his way to your property. You can also track him in real time using Google Maps with live traffic updates so you’ll minimize waiting and save time. No more appointment windows. No more no-shows. With Mold Busters, you’re in control!

Get the Lowest Price for Your Mold Removal!

We’re excited to announce that Mold Busters is now offering Gatineau customers a Price-Match Guarantee on all mold remediation services. We are so confident in the fairness of our pricing that we are willing to match any competitor’s quote for mold removal. It’s just one of many reasons why Mold Busters is Gatineau’s preferred mold testing, inspection and remediation company. Get full details on our Price-Match Guarantee.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Have questions about your air quality test results? Need to book an emergency mold inspection? Mold Busters is here for you. Our dedicated Customer Solutions team is always available to book appointments, send detailed reports and estimates (usually within 48 hours of your mold inspection), and address any of your concerns. It’s just one of the things that separates us from the other mold companies in Gatineau. We put customers first–always!

Need Help Paying for Mold Removal?

Do you have a mold problem but can’t afford to deal with it just yet? Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or it’s just a tough time of year, Mold Busters can help you get financing to get rid of your mold problem immediately. No one should have to live in a contaminated environment and expose themselves to harmful substances just because they’re tight on money. Give us a call today to learn more about our financing options for mold removal in Gatineau.

Service Areas Across Gatineau

Gatineau Quebec map

Looking for mold removal services in and around Gatineau? Whether you have a small patch of surface mold or an extreme black mold contamination, call Mold Busters for professional and reliable help. Our services cover all aspects of mold–from mold testing and inspections to complete mold remediation and decontamination:

  • Aylmer
  • Cantley
  • Chelsea
  • Gatineau
  • Grenville-sur-la-Rouge
  • Hull
  • Low
  • Luskville
  • Maniwaki
  • Montebello
  • Papineauville
  • Pontiac
  • Quyon
  • Shawville
  • Val-des-Monts
  • Wakefield

Gatineau Mold Statistics

Mold Busters has performed hundreds of air quality tests in Gatineau over the last 15+ years. By taking a deep look over the results, we have managed to extract interesting data about mold presence in Gatineau homes:

  • Properties without any mold issue
    Gatineau no mold issue stats
  • Toxic mold types found in homes
    Gatineau toxic mold stats
  • Common mold types found in homes
    Gatineau other mold stats

More details and explanation of how data was collected is available inside our mold statistics & facts page.


I’m buying an older home in Gatineau but I want to get it tested for mold first. Is it possible to make this a condition in my offer to purchase?

Certainly. Mold tests reassure buyers that they’re making a sound investment. Often, mold problems that were not noticed at the time of purchase lead to extensive structural damage and costly repairs later on.

A mold inspection also often uncovers other hidden problems like moisture intrusion and poor insulation.

By finding out about any mold problems before signing an offer to purchase, you have more leverage to negotiate a lower price, to set conditions that benefit you, and to opt out of the deal if you choose to do so.


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Reviews from our customers in Gatineau

Jessica M
Jessica M.
mold inspection

The technician found mold and gave me some recommendations. After we get the written recommendations. We will decide what we will do from there. Thank you!

Gatineau, Quebec

Donald M
Donald M.
mold inspection

Booked same day. Very friendly & knowledgeable staff, great service over the phone & in person. The price is not my favourite thing!! But I do think it’s reasonable for the service you’re providing.

Gatineau, Quebec

Michael E
Micheal E.
Mold removal

Mold Busters, specifically Charles Leduc, performed a mold assessment at my apartment and was extremely professional and personable. He discovered mold growing in the drywall of my apartment’s crawl space which also housed the sump pump for the building. Charles answered all of my questions and made himself available to me to discuss my options and help me better understand my apartments specific mold issues. He also helped direct me to resources for researching my rights as a tenant and conducted himself in an unbiased manner when communicating either with me or my landlord. I was able to reach him via online chat, text, email and by phone. I appreciated the honesty, sincerity and informative nature of all our communications. Mold Busters accommodated me in a very timely manner in all aspects; from inspection to report, all the way to providing available (and short notice) mold remediation scheduling for the week I requested, I was most impressed with the professional experience and availability. I rate Mold Busters 10 out of 10 all day long.

Gatineau, Quebec

Ken L
Ken L.
mold inspection

The work provided by Bust Mold Inc was excellent but the company does not also complete the actual renovations work which is done by a seperate contractor. This does cause some additional level of effort and stress on the customer and in some cases delays. If you were able to include the renovation contractor as an integral part of initial review and estimate process then there would be less stress on the customer as the complete cost and schedule could be determined. The customer would be able to meet both parties and determine way ahead.

Gatineau, Quebec

Quebec Inc
Quebec Inc.
Customer service

As an investor and going through several transaction I can say, Bust Mold, Charles Leduc provided professionally with all the tools in hand to find a potential source of a problem with recommendations. Even using todays methods for source of payment and communications. Thank you!

Gatineau, Quebec