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Professional Odour Inspection Services in Montreal

Besides being unpleasant, odours can cause health effects such as headaches, coughing, sneezing, mild to severe allergies and difficulty breathing. As such, moldy smells in houses should not be ignored.

Hiring a professional company like Mold Busters to examine your property can help you locate the cause of the odour–whether it’s coming from a smelly basement or a damp smell throughout the entire home. Once you have this information, you can then get rid of the mold odour in your house and improve your indoor air quality for good.

Common causes of odours in your home

Most people either don’t notice odours or don’t take them seriously. After all, many basements smell musty in summer, after rain or just in general. However, ignoring a mold smell in a house is a mistake, as it is often an indicator of a more serious underlying issue.

For example, one of the most common causes of persistent odors like that musty smell in your basement is mold, which releases chemicals known as MVOCs (microbial volatile organic compounds) into the air. These chemicals are responsible for that persistent earthy odour, which often can be smelled in basements, attics and even in old buildings.

Besides mold odors, homes can suffer smelly situations due to: methane-sulfur in bathrooms that are rarely used, dirt in sink pipes, water heaters, front-loading washing machines, garbage disposals, trash cans, cigarettes (if you have smokers in the house) and so on.

So how can you remove that musty smell from your house?

First, ensure you empty trash cans and check for anything you can relate to specific odours like cigarette smoke. In case you cannot find the cause, getting an odour inspection is a simple but effective solution to finding the real reason behind the nasty smell you are having in your home.

How to Find and Remove Odours

Professional services for odors

At Mold Busters, our professional odor inspections in Ottawa and Montreal have often revealed long-standing, hidden air quality problems in homes, including high concentrations of indoor air pollutants, moisture intrusion, mold and poor ventilation.

During a Mold Busters inspection, one of our certified experts will examine the area in question and take an air quality test to check for any pollutants floating around in your air.

If the results reveal a problem, the inspector will locate the source and recommend an appropriate remediation strategy.

For your convenience, we also offer odour inspections in Montreal.

Hiring a professional to examine your property can help you identify the source of the odour. Once you have this information, you can then get rid of the odor for good and improve your indoor air quality.

Mold Busters Celebrates 15+ Years in Odour Inspection Business


How much does odor inspection cost?

Odor inspections can cost anywhere between $75 to $750 dollars. The reason for this huge price difference ultimately depends on each unique situation and what type of additional services, such as air quality sampling, may be required to help uncover the source(s) of the odor. Trained odor inspectors should be able to inform you during their initial site visit what the odor is most likely to be and or what type of testing may be required to understand the nature of the odor issue.

How do you get rid of the ozone smell?

Ozone, especially if generated and used for treatments within an indoor environment, can take anywhere between 48-96 hours for its residual smell to be removed. In some cases, it can remain for up to a week!

Factors such as the square footage of the treated area, amount of time ozone was deployed for, the number of retentive materials within the space (i.e., carpets, textiles, etc.) and the quality of ventilation will all play a part in getting rid of the ozone smell.

The biggest help in getting rid of ozone odors can be summarized with:
Dilution is the solution to pollution.

A proper exchange of air and a well-ventilated indoor environment is your best friend when getting rid of ozone smells by diluting the concentration of ozone odors. HEPA air scrubbers or negative air pressure is often used to help facilitate this process, especially in areas with heavy ozone applications.

What is the best thing to absorb odors?

Odor absorbers all vary in how effective they are depending on the type & intensity of odor present. Some of the best odor absorbers include:

  • House plants, especially chrysanthemums (which are known for absorbing polluting gases such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide & benzene)
  • White vinegar
  • Coffee beans; freshly ground
  • Baking soda
  • Activated charcoal
  • Cat litter

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