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As leaders in the mold inspection and remediation industry, Mold Busters employs only the best, most highly trained and experienced mold specialists.

Our technicians complete rigorous training and are required to participate in ongoing professional development courses to maintain their skills at a superior level in order to provide top-quality service to our customers.

Charles Leduc, CPI, CMI, CMR

With nearly a decade of experience heading the Mold Busters team, Charles Leduc is a certified professional inspector, a certified mold inspector and remediator as well as author, speaker and Chief Operations Officer at the company.

His list of accreditations goes on and on, with his latest achievement being The Residential Mold Removal Guidelines and A Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing Mold Growth.

The former of these publications aims to simplify and redefine today’s existing standards for mold abatement; the latter offers clear, easy and practical steps that homeowners can take to protect themselves and their homes against mold growth.

These guides are part of the industry’s most comprehensive written works on mold removal and mold prevention.

Charlie Leduc

Organize a mold seminar

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As part of his commitment to educating the public about the very real indoor environmental threats like mold and asbestos, Charles organizes seminars, Lunch & Learns and other events for realtors, mortgage brokers, homeowners and other industry experts.

Topics include common threats to indoor air quality, the importance of mold inspections, how to prevent mold in your home and flooding and its indoor environmental aftermath.

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Organize a mold awareness seminar or lunch & learn for your employees.

Charles also contributes his unbiased expertise in court cases involving tenant-landlord issues, interviews for online publications, and so on.

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