Training for Mold Professionals

Welcome to the mold training and awareness section of the Mold Busters website.

Intended primarily for professionals working in the indoor environmental industry, these resources can also be used by contractors, construction workers, educators, health-care workers, industrial engineers and consultants, realtors and homeowners—anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge and understanding of today’s most important indoor air quality issues.

Regardless of your profession, feel free to browse through our growing list of mold training and awareness resources.

Mold Inspection & Removal Business Course

The Mold Inspection & Removal Business Course

Unlock the potential of your mold inspection and removal business with our groundbreaking course. This program is a game-changer, designed to double or even triple your client base almost instantly, with minimal extra effort on your part.

Learn from industry veterans with 20 years of experience as they share innovative strategies and insights tailored to the mold removal industry. This course will empower you to provide unmatched value to your customers, leaving your competition far behind.

residential mold removal course

The Residential Mold Removal Course

Transform into a competent mold removal professional with our thorough online course, tailored for those in the remediation, disinfection, or construction industries. This course is crucial due to the rising demand for knowledgeable mold removal experts, as homeowners increasingly recognize mold’s harmful effects.

Confined Space Safety: Pre-Entry Training Course

The Confined Space Safety: Pre-Entry Training Course

Tailored for those who regularly confront the challenges of confined environments, the Confined Space Pre-Entry Training Course is a pivotal step toward occupational safety. You will learn to adeptly handle the unique risks and emergencies inherent in confined spaces.

Our training goes beyond theory, plunging into real-world scenarios. You’ll grasp the essentials of identifying and navigating different types of confined spaces, mastering emergency protocols, and implementing effective safety measures.

Fall Protection Training Course

The Fall Protection Training Course

Step up to the critical challenge of workplace safety with our “Fall Protection Training Course.” This comprehensive program, meticulously crafted by industry expert Michael Golubev, transforms your approach to safety at heights, turning every workplace into a zone of safety and confidence.

Respiratory Protection Training Course

The Respiratory Protection Training Course

Elevate your safety expertise with our comprehensive “Respiratory Protection Training Course.” Tailored for professionals across various industries, this course provides essential insights into respiratory safety, ensuring you’re prepared for any challenge. With decades of experience, our expert instructors offer not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical, real-world applications.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Course

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our WHMIS Training Course. This comprehensive program is designed to turn you into an expert in handling hazardous materials in the workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this course offers invaluable insights into WHMIS, the national standard for hazard communication in Canada.

Mold Removal Guidelines

The Mold Removal Guidelines

Gain invaluable insights into residential mold removal with our e-book, featuring industry-standard guidelines developed from 19 years of Mold Busters’ expertise. These clear, straightforward procedures are designed for easy application on any job site and are a crucial resource for anyone involved in mold remediation.

Mold-Free Car Techniques

Mold-Free Car Course

Learn how to clean and maintain your vehicle to prevent mold growth. This comprehensive course covers everything from recognizing mold to detailed cleaning techniques and preventive measures.

mold seminar 2

Mold Awareness Seminars

Watch our past seminars on topics such as mold remediation in cannabis cultivation facilities, ozone treatments for mold and odour removal, maintaining healthy indoor air quality, impacts of mold exposure on health, and so much more. You can also organize your own seminar, covering a topic of your choice.