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Mold Removal in Kingston

Mold threatens the structural soundness of Kingston’s commercial and residential buildings and puts occupants’ health at risk.Mold Busters is fully certified to fight mold in Kingston. By improving your indoor air quality, you can improve your quality of life. For same-day service, be it an air quality test, mold inspection or removal, Mold Busters can help.

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Mold Inspections and Removal in Kingston
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Located between Ottawa and Toronto, where the St. Lawrence River flows out of Lake Ontario, Kingston was the first capital of the Province of Canada (1841) and, to this day, it remains an important military centre. In addition to this, Kingston is home to Queen's University and boasts a beautiful waterfront downtown, which attracts thousands of tourists each summer.

How can I get rid of unwanted odours in my Kingston home?

Odour removal is one of Mold Busters’ most sought-after services. After all, nobody likes a smelly home. We recommend the EZ Breathe ventilation system for odour removal in Kingston.

It’s important there be sufficient air flow inside your home. Proper ventilation plays a big part in preventing odours and other air pollutants, including mold. Besides effectively removing odours, the EZ Breathe unit is compact, affordable, and energy-efficient.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • I couldn't believe how much damage there was underneath the tiles beside my bathtub. The bathtub must have been leaking for years without anyone knowing. I guess that explains the constant smells!

    But the Mold Busters team did a fantastic job! What would have taken me weeks to fix, they did in a couple of days. Truly amazing.
    Jim (Kingston, Ontario)
  • Having hired various mold removal companiesI can say Bust Mold, and specifically Charles Leduc provided services professionally with all the tools in-hand to find a potential source of a problem. Their recommendations were measured and reasonable. I was even impressed by their modern methods of payment and communications. Thank you! Anonymous