Mold Busters Team

All Mold Busters inspectors and technicians are fully certified mold experts, thermographers and water damage restoration technicians.

We have the following certifications:

  • Water Restoration Technician (WRT)
  • Certified Mold Inspector (CMI)
  • Certified Mold Remediation Technician (CMRT)
  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT)
  • Odor Control Technician (OCT)
  • Certified Home Inspector (CHI)
  • Certified Residential Mold Removal Professional (CMRP)

With years of education and real-world experience to draw on, we’re qualified to carry out a wide range of services that will not only improve the condition of your home but the quality of your life.

We participate in ongoing training programs, seminars and courses so that we can continue to develop professionally and provide residents of Ontario and Quebec with the most up-to-date expertise and the highest quality of service.



Jovan – General Manager

Jovan Munjiza holds the pivotal role of General Manager at Mold Busters and spearheads the training endeavors for all our support staff. His stewardship extends to ensuring the highest standards of Quality Control and Quality Assurance across our solution center’s operations. With an enriching tenure of over five years at Mold Busters and an impressive track record of over 10 years in customer service, Jovan epitomizes our commitment to excellence. His innate knack for problem-solving combined with his readiness to extend support underscores his position as a peer leader and an indispensable member of our team.


Danica – Assistant Manager

Danica Radovic not only a dynamic customer service expert and a certified mold inspector but also the trailblazing pioneer as the world’s first virtual inspector. With a solid foundation of over a year in hands-on expertise, Danica masterfully intertwines her innate problem-solving prowess with an astute sales perspective, resulting in consistently stellar customer experiences. Her pedagogical background enriches her approach, as she remains ever-committed to continuous enhancement, ensuring every engagement is enlightening and resonant. Beyond her professional strides, Danica cherishes moments with her pets and delving into captivating reads, exemplifying her holistic approach to a fulfilling work-life harmony.



Jesse – Senior Indoor Environmental Inspector, Remediation Supervisor

Jesse Robertson stands as a testament to the pinnacle of professional mastery in the mold inspection industry. Recognized globally as the leading light in his domain, he’s conducted a staggering number of inspections that number in the thousands. With an unwavering dedication spanning nearly a decade at Mold Busters, he’s traversed millions of kilometers across Ontario and Quebec, cultivating a profound familiarity that few can rival. Jesse’s intricate understanding of the Ottawa-Gatineau region transforms each inspection into a masterclass of precision and depth. As our chief inspector, he exemplifies the zenith of quality and diligence, setting benchmarks that transcend regional standards. Jesse is more than an asset; he’s the embodiment of our organizational ethos and the driving force behind our reputation for unparalleled excellence.


Andrey – Senior Indoor Environmental Inspector, Remediation Supervisor

Andrey Golubev, the mastermind Co-Founder of Mold Busters and the unequivocal trailblazer of the mold industry. Dubbed the “Yoda of Mold,” his influence has not just graced the industry but revolutionized it. With a tenure spanning an awe-inspiring two decades, Andrey’s reservoir of knowledge is profound, so much so that his forgotten wisdom often surpasses the collective knowledge of many industry professionals. His magnum opus, “It’s Not Mold Until It’s Tested,” stands as a transformative beacon for all industry aspirants. His multi-dimensional certifications, encompassing Mold Inspector, Mold Remediator, Thermographer, and Water Restoration Technician, cement his status as the all-encompassing maestro for mold dilemmas. But Andrey is more than a confluence of accolades; he’s the epochal force that redefined standards, rendering him an indomitable titan in the mold cosmos.


Allan – Senior Indoor Environmental Inspector, Remediation Supervisor

Allan Gouveia is the paragon of property management and inspection. Boasting a distinguished journey spanning well over a decade, Allan stands tall as a certified Residential Mold Inspector and the former foremost Home Inspector for Montreal. His impeccable diligence and profound grasp of the architectural intricacies of a property are nothing short of legendary. Allan’s unparalleled acumen and meticulous nature have not only set new benchmarks but also crowned him as the undisputed best in the realm. Beyond inspections, as a property manager, he is a treasure trove of knowledge, converging experience with innovation, making him an absolute powerhouse in any ensemble. We don’t merely count Allan as a member; we herald his inclusion as an embodiment of excellence, eagerly anticipating the transformative touch he’ll impart on properties entrusted to him.


Luka – Senior Indoor Environmental Inspector, Engineer, Senior Customer Solutions Provider

Introducing Luka Markovic, the epitome of engineering brilliance, donning both a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and the mantle of Lead Virtual Mold Inspector. Commanding an impressive portfolio with over 1500 virtual inspections to his name, Luka’s reputation precedes him. As a certified mold inspector and an esteemed client solutions maestro, he seamlessly fuses his fervor for the automotive realm with cutting-edge technology, redefining the contours of excellence. The alchemy of his mechanical engineering prowess with mold inspection expertise positions him not merely as an asset but as an unparalleled authority, consistently curating transformative solutions for clients. Beyond his technical artistry, Luka’s dedication to martial arts and weightlifting accentuates his holistic approach. This blend of physical discipline and mental acumen ensures he’s perpetually on an ascent, ceaselessly elevating standards in both his professional endeavors and personal pursuits.


Béranger – Indoor Environmental Inspector, Customer Solutions Provider

Introducing Béranger Rayeur, an embodiment of fresh vigor in the realm of Indoor Environmental Inspection. As the most recent and youthful dynamo to join our team, Béranger melds his native fluency in French with an enriching background in education. This unique confluence empowers him with a refined ability to discern, articulate, and cater to the intricacies of client needs with impeccable clarity. His zeal isn’t merely professional; it’s a personal mission. Committed to transforming lives, Béranger’s fervor to aid others is evident in every tailored solution he crafts. While the allure of professional football beckoned, Béranger’s calling lay elsewhere, leading him to the mold industry. His choice is our fortune, as he infuses our ranks with his unparalleled skill set and distinctive perspective, reinvigorating our collective vision.


Aleksandar – Customer Solutions Provider

Introducing Aleksandar, a luminary in Customer Solutions at Mold Busters. His academic prowess in environmental science converges seamlessly with an impeccable customer service ethos, positioning him as a beacon of resolution for our clients’ multifaceted challenges. Aleksandar’s dexterity in crystal-clear communication melds effortlessly with his acute problem-solving acumen, making him an irreplaceable cornerstone of our ensemble. Beyond his professional expertise, there’s a touch of enchantment in his approach, owing to his credentials as a professional magician. An ardent aficionado of fungi and mushrooms, Aleksandar brings a depth of passion that transcends the norm. He’s not just committed, but fervently driven to ensure unparalleled client satisfaction, while relentlessly championing healthier, rejuvenating living spaces for one and all.


Goran – Senior Administrative Client Support

Meet Goran Petkoski, the esteemed linchpin of Administrative Client Support at Mold Busters. With a tenure that stretches beyond two illustrious years, Goran not only epitomizes administrative excellence but also stands as a guiding beacon, mentoring the next generation as an adept trainer for administrative cadres. His meticulous, detail-driven modus operandi is complemented beautifully by an affable demeanor, making collaborations with him both fruitful and delightful. Goran is far more than a mere team member; he’s the bedrock upon which our administrative pillars stand, consistently extending his expertise to ensure seamless operations and unparalleled client support.


Stefan – Senior Administrative Client Support

Introducing Stefan Ivkovic, the luminary steering Administrative Client Support at Mold Busters and our very own data superstar. With a tenure that encompasses a noteworthy year and counting, Stefan has carved a niche as a maestro in payroll accounting and the transformative realm of business automation. His rich tapestry of expertise, woven with threads from finance, digital marketing, and sales, positions him as an unparalleled force within our ensemble. But beyond these skills, Stefan lives in a world of data; he eats, sleeps, and dreams in digits, bringing insights and analytics to life in ways that continually push the boundaries. His meticulous attention to detail, harmonized with an innate resourcefulness, not only amplifies our operational excellence but also makes interactions with him an absolute delight. Stefan isn’t just a team member; he’s an embodiment of dedication, precision, and data-driven brilliance.


Jorge – Administrative Client Support

Introducing Jorge Franco, the mastermind behind Administrative Client Support at Mold Busters. Marrying a discerning eye with an unparalleled service ethos, Jorge orchestrates harmonious operations in the backdrop, crafting impeccable journeys for our clients. His organizational prowess, coupled with an anticipatory approach to client interactions, sets him leagues apart. But Jorge’s commitment transcends mere tasks; it’s a dance of dedication and dexterity, effortlessly juggling myriad responsibilities to offer unmatched support. To our clients, he’s the bedrock of reliability; to our team, he’s the linchpin that holds everything together with impeccable grace.

Natasa – Administrative Client Support

Natasa brings fresh enthusiasm and a keen willingness to learn to her role. With her organizational skills and attention to detail, she’s quickly becoming an integral part of ensuring efficient office operations and client communications. Her proactive attitude and commitment to excellence contribute significantly to our mission of providing outstanding service. When not at work, Natasa enjoys exploring creative pursuits, which further enhance her ability to think outside the box and bring innovative solutions to our team.

Field Technicians:

Karthick – Senior Remediation Technician

Enter Karthick: an embodiment of sheer dedication, unyielding efficiency, and an intrinsic drive that sets him apart in the professional landscape. Tracing his early professional footsteps to the courier sector, Karthick has since evolved into a veritable titan in the Supply Chain and Catering domain, amassing an impressive 4+ years. His tenure is adorned with a legacy of lightning-quick deliveries paired seamlessly with unparalleled customer service, positioning him as the gold standard in client satisfaction. Beyond operational prowess, he is an innovator par excellence, a visionary who marries acute focus with groundbreaking strategies. His meticulous approach to maintaining precise sales records is complemented by unmatched agility in navigating customer challenges, always emphasizing safety and prudence. As a beacon of excellence and a trailblazer, Karthick isn’t just a choice; he’s the industry’s epitome of excellence and innovation in a single, formidable package.


Harshdeep – Senior Remediation Technician

Step forward, Harshdeep: an exemplar of unparalleled commitment and technical mastery. Holding the distinguished CMRP certification, Harshdeep stands tall as a luminary in the realm of mold remediation. His unwavering dedication to excellence is not just a work ethic—it’s a philosophy that he breathes, ensuring every project bears his hallmark of precision and quality. Anchored by a client-centric ethos, Harshdeep consistently goes above and beyond, channeling his expertise and passion into restoring homes to pristine, mold-free sanctuaries. Beyond just his technical acumen, he embodies the synthesis of professionalism and personal touch, making him not just an asset, but a veritable cornerstone of our team. In a world where dedication and skill often diverge, Harshdeep emerges as the nexus of both, setting a benchmark that’s both inspiring and aspirational.


Oleksii – Senior Remediation Technician

Step into the orbit of Oleksii: a virtuoso in residential mold remediation whose certification barely scratches the surface of his profound expertise. Renowned not just for his technical proficiency but for a mind sharpened to an edge in problem-solving, Oleksii is the personification of swift decisiveness coupled with meticulous execution. His uncanny ability to promptly pinpoint mold anomalies, paired with an agile approach to efficient remediation, positions him as a beacon in the field of mold removal. Within our team, he’s not just a member; he’s an emblem of reliability and precision, relentlessly championing the cause of preserving the sanctity and health of our clients’ cherished abodes. In Oleksii, one finds the rare confluence of mastery and dedication, making him an irreplaceable asset and a benchmark for excellence in the industry.


Harshdeep 2.0 – Senior Remediation Technician

Introducing Harsh: a maestro in the intricate world of remediation, wielding credentials that resonate with a deep-seated expertise in green building, operations, and maintenance. Far from just a technician, Harsh is an alchemist, fusing his unparalleled knowledge with a boundless creativity that sets him leagues apart from the conventional. Radiating confidence and fueled by an innate drive, his modus operandi is not just about task completion; it’s about elevating each undertaking to an art form. While his creativity knows no bounds, Harsh is uncompromisingly rigorous in adhering to standard safety procedures, ensuring an impeccable blend of innovation and caution in every endeavor. His unwavering commitment isn’t just a trait—it’s an ethos, ensuring that each venture under his purview reaches pinnacles of quality and safety. In Harsh, one finds the rare amalgamation of technical prowess, artistic flair, and staunch professionalism—a true luminary in the domain.


Petya – Remediation Technician

Step into the realm of Petya: a maestro of residential mold remediation, whose certification merely heralds the depth of his expertise. Beyond just skills, Petya epitomizes precision—a craftsman who interlaces every task with a meticulousness that’s almost poetic in its intensity. His astute eye, sharper than the finest scalpel, misses no detail, no matter how minute. It’s not just about mold removal for Petya; it’s about sculpting sanctuaries, meticulously eradicating every trace of mold to curate environments that aren’t just safe, but are veritable havens for our clientele. With Petya at the helm of a project, clients don’t just get a service—they get an experience, an assurance of a space purified to perfection. Truly, in Petya, one encounters the zenith of dedication and expertise, harmonized into a symphony of excellence.


Arpan – Remediation Technician

Introducing Arpan: a titan in the realm of residential mold remediation, whose certification is but a glint of the vast expertise he embodies. More than just a professional, Arpan is a visionary—constantly two steps ahead, his proactive methodology isn’t just about solving problems, but intercepting them before they even manifest. With an uncanny ability to anticipate and preemptively tackle potential mold challenges, he transforms remediation into a strategic chess game, always ensuring the safety of the home’s inhabitants remains paramount. For our clients, Arpan isn’t merely a technician; he’s a guardian, vigilantly safeguarding their abodes from the insidious spread of mold. Within our team, he’s not just a member but a linchpin, whose foresight and diligence consistently raise the bar in ensuring the pristine condition of our clients’ homes. Arpan’s presence is a testament to preemptive brilliance and unwavering commitment, truly setting him apart in the industry.


Ricardo – Remediation Technician

Welcome to the league of Ricardo: not just a technician, but a virtuoso in mold remediation. Boasting the prestigious CMRP certification, Ricardo stands as a paragon of precision and efficiency in the field. Every project he touches is transformed by his surgical precision and methodological excellence. Beyond his undoubted expertise, Ricardo’s unwavering commitment to punctuality and impeccable service delivery has carved a niche for him, making him an invaluable cornerstone of our team. With every task he undertakes, there’s an unspoken guarantee: homes are not just treated but revitalized, ensuring that our clients reside in sanctuaries untouched by mold. Choosing Ricardo isn’t just selecting a service; it’s investing in unmatched expertise, relentless dedication, and a mold-free haven.


Simon – Remediation Technician

Step into the realm of Simon, the master craftsman of mold remediation at Mold Busters. Not merely a technician, Simon embodies the fusion of art and science in the world of environmental restoration. His profound background in environmental remediation isn’t just knowledge—it’s a legacy of dedication, ensuring each home he touches regains its sanctity and comfort. Simon doesn’t just tackle mold; he eradicates it with a meticulousness that sets industry benchmarks. His technical prowess, married to an unyielding commitment to unparalleled quality, transforms mold crises into homes reborn. In the face of intricacies and challenges, where many might falter, Simon navigates with the poise of a seasoned captain. For our field technicians team, he isn’t just an asset; he’s the gold standard, embodying excellence in every task, every home, every day.


Ahmed – Remediation Technician

Meet Ahmed, our skilled Remediation Technician at Mold Busters. With a deep understanding of mold remediation processes and a commitment to health and safety standards, Ahmed plays a crucial role in restoring our clients’ environments to a safe and healthy state. His expertise in the latest remediation technologies and methods ensures that every project is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Ahmed’s dedication to excellence and his proactive approach to problem-solving make him an invaluable asset to our team. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys staying active and is an avid fan of outdoor sports, which complements his dynamic and energetic approach to his work.


Mahmoud – Remediation Technician

Meet Mahmoud, our Remediation Technician at Mold Busters, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our mold remediation efforts. His background in environmental science, coupled with extensive hands-on training in mold remediation, makes Mahmoud particularly effective in identifying and resolving mold issues. His analytical skills, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to safety are paramount in ensuring that every job is executed flawlessly. Mahmoud’s passion for environmental health shines through in his work, making a tangible difference in the lives of our clients. Outside of work, Mahmoud is a nature enthusiast who enjoys exploring the great outdoors, further fueling his commitment to preserving and restoring natural habitats.


Ashley – Remediation Technician

Meet Ashley, our passionate Remediation Technician at Mold Busters, who brings a unique blend of experience and dedication to our team. Coming from the YMCA Green Building Program, Ashley has a strong foundation in environmental sustainability. Her previous tenure in government office roles honed her meticulousness and commitment to service excellence. Choosing to pivot her career towards a more hands-on role in the field, Ashley found her calling in mold remediation. Her journey with Mold Busters comes full circle, having been a client herself three years ago when we assisted her in resolving a mold issue with her landlord. This personal experience fuels her empathy and dedication to helping others ensure their living spaces are safe and healthy. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys outdoor activities that echo her commitment to a sustainable and active lifestyle.


Oleksandr – Remediation Technician

Meet Oleksandr, our new Remediation Technician at Mold Busters. With a robust background in environmental science and specialized training in mold remediation, Oleksandr is equipped to tackle even the most challenging remediation projects. His meticulous attention to detail and dedication to safety ensure that all procedures are performed to the highest standards. Oleksandr’s proactive approach and technical expertise make him a valuable addition to our team. When not in the field, Oleksandr enjoys woodworking and exploring nature, hobbies that reflect his methodical and thoughtful nature.


Remediation Technician
Remediation Technician
Remediation Technician
Remediation Technician
Remediation Technician
Remediation Technician

Human Resources / B2B:

Michael – CEO & Mold’s Worst Nightmare

He doesn’t just chase the future; he crafts it. Meet Michael Golubev: CEO, Mold’s Worst Nightmare, and a visionary at the nexus of customer service, technology, and innovation. With an extensive portfolio that encapsulates every conceivable environmental course and certification, Michael stands as a veritable titan in the tech landscape. A specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced data analytics, his expertise provides transformative solutions and perspectives across industries. Beyond his tech and environmental prowess, Michael’s business acumen shines as a savvy property investor and an influential backer of both established and emerging technology startups. An entrepreneurial juggernaut, he’s launched and steered multiple companies to soaring heights, eventually leading them to profitable sales. His innovative spirit earned him a spotlight at platforms like TechCrunch Disrupt, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazer. Early adoption of cryptocurrency and a deep dive into crypto mining further underscore Michael’s knack for spotting and harnessing the ‘next big thing.’ Michael is more than just a CEO; he’s a trendsetter, persistently on the cutting edge of technology and constantly poised at the cusp of the next game-changing innovation.


Accounting and Payroll
HR BotAi Bot


Stefan – SEO and Marketing Specialist

Introducing Stefan Kalevski: the mastermind at the helm of our Marketing division and a virtuoso in the realm of SEO. As Head of Marketing, Stefan seamlessly intertwines his profound expertise with actionable insights to sculpt groundbreaking SEO strategies that command attention and deliver results. With an uncanny ability to decipher the intricate nuances of keyword research, content planning, and both on-page and off-page optimization techniques, he ensures digital visibility is not just achieved but consistently dominated. But Stefan’s prowess doesn’t end with organic reach. His adeptness in managing and optimizing Google My Business listings, coupled with an intricate understanding of Google Analytics, positions him as an unrivaled asset in tracking, understanding, and exceeding KPIs. And if that weren’t enough, his finesse in Pay-Per-Click marketing crafts a holistic digital footprint, amplifying brands in every conceivable online space. Stefan isn’t just a member of the marketing team; he’s its beating heart and guiding star, driving innovation and results in every endeavor.


Emanuel – Marketing Coordinator

Emanuel Gutierrez stands as a luminous figure in the world of video production. Boasting an illustrious career spanning over seven years, he has masterfully crafted content that not only resonates with viewers but also thrives in the dynamic realm of social media. At Mold Busters, where he’s been an integral pillar for nearly two years, Emanuel’s cinematic vision has transformed how the brand is perceived. Through his lens, the company’s stellar work is transformed into visual epics, captivating audiences and painting a compelling narrative of excellence. Beyond his technical prowess, Emanuel has emerged as the CEO’s trusted right-hand man, adept at solving complex challenges that others might deem insurmountable. His dedication, coupled with his innate ability to tell stories through visuals and address problems with creativity, positions Emanuel not just as a video producer but as a visual storyteller and strategic problem solver par excellence. Whether he’s behind the camera, brainstorming in a strategy session, or weaving magic in the editing room, Emanuel’s contributions have been, and continue to be, invaluable. He’s not just an asset to a creative project; he’s its driving force, ensuring every frame resonates with intent and artistry.


Anja – Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Anja stands as a cornerstone in the dynamic realm of digital content creation, wielding her pen with unparalleled precision and flair. As a seasoned copywriter, she intricately crafts copy that doesn’t just communicate but captivates, bridging the gap between brand narratives and their audiences. From intricately designed websites and magnetic landing pages to insightful blogs and compelling email marketing campaigns, her words echo with authenticity and relevance. Driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Anja constantly hones her skills, ensuring she’s at the forefront of evolving content trends. Her prior experience in copy editing academic materials has imbued her with a meticulous eye, enabling her to cater to diverse audiences with varying nuances and tonal preferences. But beyond her ability to resonate with readers, it’s her commitment to linguistic perfection that truly sets her apart. In every piece she authors, one can expect a symphony of clarity, consistency, and correctness. In Anja, one doesn’t just find a copywriter; one discovers a storyteller, a brand ambassador, and a linguistic maestro all rolled into one.


Ramadan – Chief Technology Officer

Ramadan Halili isn’t just another name in the tech industry; he’s a veritable titan—a force of nature. Where many see limitations, Ramadan spots opportunities. With an innate talent to accomplish feats others deem impossible, he stands out as not just a software developer, but as a maestro of the digital realm. His unparalleled expertise, spanning an illustrious 19 years, resonates with innovation and visionary foresight. As the stellar CTO of Mold Busters, Ramadan has consistently showcased his uncanny ability to lead from the front, navigating the company through uncharted territories and scaling unparalleled heights. His role as a developer is no less impactful; he weaves magic with code, transforming abstract ideas into tangible solutions with finesse. Under his leadership, Mold Busters has not only evolved but revolutionized its space, benchmarking excellence and setting new industry standards. In a domain where change is the only constant, Ramadan’s relentless pursuit of perfection, combined with his zest for innovation, ensures that the company is always multiple steps ahead of the curve. In a world filled with developers and CTOs, Ramadan’s extraordinary capabilities distinguish him as the maestro who can truly do what others can’t.


Pavle – Frontend Developer

Pavle stands out as not just another Front-End Developer, but as a maestro in the vast world of web development, particularly with his masterful command over WordPress. While many are formally educated, Pavle’s self-initiative and dedication have made him a self-taught prodigy, constantly refining his craft and pushing boundaries. His intrinsic ability to breathe life into digital designs and curate lively, engaging websites showcases not just his technical prowess but also a creative flair that’s second to none. Pavle’s career trajectory, dotted with commendable achievements and innovations, adds immense value to the Marketing team, where his blend of practical expertise and relentless passion drives results. As an alumnus of the prestigious University of Belgrade, Pavle’s academic foundations are as solid as his professional endeavors. Moreover, his certifications in JavaScript and responsive web design are testaments to his dedication and commitment to staying abreast with the ever-evolving digital landscape. In a world where digital interfaces are the first touchpoint for many businesses, Pavle ensures that every interaction is nothing short of spectacular.


Diana – Graphic Designer

Diana Heras isn’t just a Graphic Designer; she’s a visual storyteller, an artist who masterfully weaves color, form, and function to craft compelling narratives. When Diana joined the Mold Busters team, she didn’t just bring her role – she transformed the entire visual ethos of the company, imprinting it with her unique, vibrant style. Boasting over seven years of immersive experience, Diana’s portfolio is a testament to her versatility, having catered to diverse platforms, especially in the realm of social media. Her works are not merely designs; they are a visual symphony, meticulously orchestrated with an unwavering eye for detail and an insatiable drive for excellence. Every piece she creates resonates with emotion, intent, and purpose, captivating viewers and leaving an indelible mark. It’s her relentless pursuit of aesthetic perfection and a deep-rooted passion for design that makes Diana an unparalleled asset, lifting any project from the ordinary to the realm of the extraordinary


John – Healthy Living Advocate

In the dynamic realm of mold inspection and removal, few names resonate as deeply and consistently as John Ward. Boasting an impressive timeline of nearly 19 years dedicated to mastering the intricacies of the industry, John is more than just a seasoned expert – he’s a beacon of knowledge and skill. When he took his first steps with Mold Busters as a mold remediation technician, it was evident that John wasn’t just another cog in the machine. He was destined for greatness, fueled by an unyielding work ethic, a profound understanding of building infrastructures, and an ardent passion for preserving indoor air quality. This powerful triad of qualities propelled him rapidly through the ranks, culminating in his current prestigious role as the Account Executive at Mold Busters. John’s reputation isn’t just built on titles but on his unmatched ability to navigate and resolve even the most intricate indoor air quality challenges. With a track record that features countless triumphant mold remediation jobs and air quality tests, John stands tall as an industry titan, serving as a guiding light and trusted consultant for homeowners and businesses, ensuring that the air they breathe is nothing short of pristine.



Dusan – Chief Editor / Mycologist

Dusan Sadikovic stands as an embodiment of expertise and passion in the world of mycology. Holding a coveted PhD in the intricate arena of population genetics of fungal populations, he’s more than just a mycologist—he’s a force to be reckoned with in the scientific community. Dusan’s research panorama is vast, spanning from the mesmerizing realms of mycology and molecular biology to the intricacies of phytopathology and the delicate balance of fungal ecology. Beyond just theory, Dusan prides himself on possessing an arsenal of professional skills. Whether it’s the meticulous task of nucleic acid isolation, the art of microscopy, the precision of statistical analysis, or a plethora of other microbiological methods, Dusan has mastery over them. But what truly sets him apart is his ability to balance this scientific prowess with an artistic touch. In moments of respite, Dusan takes to nature, capturing its essence through the lens as an amateur nature photographer, juxtaposing the microscopic wonders he studies with the expansive beauty of the natural world.


Jelena – Mycologist

Jelena Somborski is not just a biologist; she’s a maestro in the nuanced realm of microbiology, armed with a commendable MSc in Biology. With a profound specialization in microbiology, she navigates the multifaceted domains of the microscopic world with unparalleled expertise. Jelena’s research palette is rich and diverse, encompassing not only core microbiology but also the intricate wonders of mycology, the challenging dynamics of bacteriology, and the symbiotic relationships found in medicinal plants and fungi. Her prowess extends beyond theoretical realms, as she boasts an impressive repertoire of practical skills. Whether it’s the detailed rigor of industrial and sanitary microbiology, the precision required in diagnostic biochemical tests, the subtleties of antimicrobial susceptibility evaluations, or the art and science behind protein extraction and purification techniques, Jelena is adept at them all. With her holistic understanding and hands-on experience, she stands as a beacon of knowledge and capability in the vast expanse of microbiological sciences.


Aleksandra – Mycologist

Aleksandra Zebeljan isn’t just a PhD student; she is a rising star in the expansive cosmos of Mycology and Phytopathology at the esteemed University of Belgrade. Delving deep into the microscopic universe, she possesses unparalleled skills in identifying and characterizing formidable fungal pathogens, whether through intricate morphological scrutiny, advanced biochemical assessments, or cutting-edge molecular techniques. Aleksandra’s expertise doesn’t stop at identification. She’s adept at evaluating the latent virulence of these pathogens and possesses the unique talent to determine the nuanced metabolite content in apple fruit once they’re infected. Beyond this, her research canvas paints a vast landscape that encompasses the captivating dance of plant-pathogen interactions, the science of biological control, and the ever-evolving world of fungicides. When not immersed in her research, Aleksandra seeks solace in nature’s embrace. With hands deeply rooted in the soil, she dedicates herself to nurturing, cultivating, and shielding fruits and vegetables against the relentless onslaught of pests and pathogens, intertwining her academic pursuits with her personal passions.


Ema – Mycologist

Ema Zivkovic isn’t merely a biologist; she is a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the intricate world of microbiology, holding an MSc from the distinguished University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her academic pursuits delve deep into a myriad of research areas encompassing microbiology, mycology, molecular biology, and the promising realm of biological control, showcasing a multifaceted and profound expertise. Currently, Ema is making significant strides as a microbiologist and laboratory analyst in the heart of Belgrade. Amidst a global health paradigm shift, she is at the frontline, expertly wielding the PCR technique to combat some of today’s most pressing health challenges, including Covid-19, Borrelia burgdorferi, and the West Nile Virus. With a meticulous approach and a relentless drive to contribute to global health initiatives, Ema stands as a vanguard in the battle against infectious diseases.