Attic Mold Removal – How to Get Rid of Mold in Attic

Attic mold removal in Ottawa and Montreal

One of the most common problems in homes all over Ottawa and Montreal is attic mold.

Mold in attics is especially common in the spring when snow that has accumulated over the winter starts to melt and leak into homes through damaged roofs, windows, cracks and other openings.

Temperature changes associated with the seasons changing also give rise to condensation, another form of moisture that contributes to mold growth.

And since attics are full of cellulose-rich materials like wood, insulation and drywall, they provide the ideal environment for mold growth.

So if you need attic mold removal in Ottawa or attic mold removal in Montreal, contact the certified mold experts at Mold Busters today.

What to do about attic mold

While some people try to cover up mold problems with paint, kill it with anti-fungal chemicals, or insulate over it, the only permanent solution to attic mold is to remove it… as soon as possible.

None of the above-mentioned methods are a safe or effective way to deal with mold in the attic because covering up a mold problem and pretending it’s not there does not make it go away.

Likewise, trying to remove attic mold yourself is not recommended, as the average homeowner has neither the experience nor the equipment to do the job safely.

When removing attic mold, hire a certified professional

Attic mold removal is a systematic process that can be broken down into several steps:

  • Inspecting the area
  • Locating the cause of the mold growth
  • Setting up proper containment
  • Safely removing and disposing of mold-contaminated materials (including insulation)
  • Several rounds of HEPA vacuuming
  • Reconstruction

It is also extremely important to wear heavy-duty safety gear and respirators, not just to prevent exposure to mold, but also to protect against asbestos, which is still surprisingly common in attic insulation.

How we deal with attic mold?

Checkout our real case work in attic by comparing the before and after photos (*be sure to move the slider). Our attic mold removal is fast, effective and guaranteed:

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