Unmanned Drones for Mold Detection

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| 2013 Mar 22 |
Unmanned Drones for Mold Detection

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a home and preventing mold growth. However, once you do have a mold problem, cleaning with tough household detergents won’t yield any results, as these products are not efficient in removing mold. Moreover, it’s extremely unlikely that you can reach every nook and corner of your house, especially areas like the roof and the building’s foundation; consequently, mold tends to spread in these areas, jeopardizing the health of you and your family members. Fortunately, with continuously improved technology in mold removal, there’s now a solution for this: unmanned drones.

Unmanned drones are aerial machines equipped with high-end gadgets required for mold detection. They’re controlled remotely and can be flown over any part of your house, no matter how high. Enormously competent in mold detection, unmanned drones can provide you with detailed information about the areas of your house that are problematic or contaminated. These drones are highly agile and extremely efficient for large and widespread structures.

Drones are particularly practical due to their economical nature. They cost much less than a typical survey by helicopter or airplane. Therefore, they’re the ideal piece of equipment if you want a complete and cost-effective mold inspection for your home. The sensors and cameras attached to the drones will proficiently locate all mold and notify the user.

With a fully-functioning remote, the drone’s every move can be controlled. Not only can users make these drones hover over a particular area, but they can zoom in on and zoom out of any angle at will, to successfully identify even the smallest mold contamination.