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The absence of insulation not only results in uncomfortable temperatures, but it could also be responsible for your high utility bills as well as moisture problems like condensation and mold.

At Mold Busters, our infrared inspections allow us to identify spots in your home where insulation might be missing, damaged or not installed properly.

These inspections are non-contact and non-destructive, which means we don’t have to cut any holes in your walls in order to inspect the insulation. That makes them faster and cheaper than traditional inspections.

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Advantages of infrared scans

One of the advantages of using thermal imaging cameras to inspect your insulation is that they allow you to check all kinds of spaces—both finished and unfinished.
Traditional inspections, on the other hand, cover only what’s visible to the naked eye, so they aren’t capable of assessing insulation in fully finished rooms—at least not without causing damage to your walls.

In addition, because infrared inspections are always non-contact, they reduce your risk of being exposed to asbestos (a lot of attic vermiculite insulation is still found to contain asbestos). This also makes them much faster, cheaper and more convenient for you, the property owner.

Attics, crawlspaces and other inaccessible areas

Thermal imaging surveys are the perfect way to inspect hard-to-access areas like attics and crawlspaces. You’ll want to check these areas of your home because they are hotspots for condensation, water damage and mold, all of which are the result of moisture intrusion due to poor insulation and lack of vapour barriers.

Insulation and vapour barriers must be installed properly in order to do their job effectively. So don’t wait to get yours checked out— call Mold Busters for fast and reliable insulation inspections! Our thermographers are fully certified and are often able to provide same-day service.

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