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Whatever your needs may be, Mold Busters has you covered with the widest selection of professional house inspection services in Ottawa.

Not in Ottawa? That’s okay, because we offer all of our inspection services in Montreal as well—all with the same speed, quality and professionalism.

Our mission is to provide you with fast and accurate information so that you can make informed and timely decisions about your home and your health. Making sure your indoor environment is a healthy one should be a top priority if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We understand that each client has unique needs and concerns, which is why we offer plenty of options for inspection services in Ottawa and Montreal. Check them out below and give us a call for any questions or comments.

Home Inspection Services
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Mold Inspection

Did you know that you can prevent costly damage to your home and significantly improve indoor air quality simply by performing regular mold inspections in areas that are most prone to moisture problems?

Suitable for residential, commercial or industrial properties, professional mold assessments are a great way to find out about existing or potential mold problems. This is especially important because mold is not always visible to the naked eye. It can hide behind walls and furniture, underneath carpets and floors, and in other hard-to-reach spaces.Checking for mold should be an essential part of your home’s routine maintenance, just like updating windows and doors, fixing a damaged roof and replacing leaky faucets. Early mold detection can save you from the hassle of a major (and expensive!) mold remediation later on.

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Odour Inspection

A professional odour inspection by Mold Busters will help you identify where the odours in your house are coming from, whether or not they pose a health risk, and what you can do to get rid of them.

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Infrared Inspection

Infrared inspection is quick and affordable service that helps you identify problems with mold, moisture, heat loss, insulation, cracked foundation and overheating of electrical installations inside your home.

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Visual inspection

If you’re worried about a mold problem, the first thing you should do is book a visual inspection. Visual inspections are key in properly identifying mold and coming up with an effective remediation plan.

Basically, a visual inspection is the mold inspector’s initial introduction to the mold problem. Without it, there is no way of knowing whether you’re dealing with mold or another problem like an insect infestation or wall discoloration due to smoke, water damage or oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need home inspection?

A property inspection is more than about making sure all the toilets, faucets, and lights work. The inspection is a detailed review of the building to assess for problems in the structure, various systems, and mechanical components.

Although a house may appear fine to a buyer (and the seller may well guarantee the house is well maintained), an inspector can still uncover 10 to 20 items of possible concern. Everything, from the smallest quirk to the most serious, sweeping issue, is documented in an inspection report.

With an inspection report, would-be buyers learn in advance what the existing and potential problems are. This information can be useful when trying to negotiate for a lower price or have the repairs shouldered by the seller. A buyer will know how much work needs to be done and be able to decide on the sale based on what they know.

However, would-be buyers should know that a building inspection does not appraise the value of a home, nor does it check whether the building is up to code.

What items and areas are checked during the home inspection?

Most standard building inspections cover the major systems of a house such as the foundation, plumbing, wiring, drainage, and the roof.

Inspectors will need access to the exterior and interior of the building, the roof space and exterior, the underfloor space, and all throughout the building premises. A building inspection will also include the garage or carport, laundries, toilets, steps, water drainage, stormwater run-off, paths, and driveways.

Home Inspection in Ottawa & Montreal - Plumbing System
Plumbing system

Home Inspection in Ottawa and Montreal - Electrical Systems
Electrical system

Unfortunately, when it comes to issues like mold, there are some limitations to home inspections. Usually, inspectors will not go looking for mold. If it’s there and they happen to see it, then they will mention it in the report—but they cannot take the proper tests to confirm the presence of mold. For this reason, many buyers often opt to supplement their home inspection with professional mold testing.

When you should hire home inspection?

Unless would-be buyers know a thing or two about thoroughly checking a building for soundness, they should always call for a building inspection when buying a property. A fixer-upper being sold “as is” understandably needs major repairs, but buyers will know better what these problems are if they get a detailed report. A newly constructed house is often presumed lacking in problems since it has never been lived in. However, brand new homes can and do have defects in workmanship that buyers can never have fixed after the sale.

What’s the worst that can happen without an inspection?

Foregoing a property inspection is very much like entering a contract blind. Without the information in an inspection report, buyers would only notice major defects (that an inspection would have caught) after moving in. But by then, it may be too late to negotiate repairs with the seller or builder.

Passing up an inspection before purchasing a home is, effectively, taking responsibility for all problems that may be encountered later on. If you’re in the Ottawa-Montreal area and would like to check a property for heat loss, moisture intrusion, mold and other issues, contact a qualified inspector!