Radiant Floor Inspection

Radiant floor heating and cooling systems are the latest trend in home renovations and upgrades, providing an energy-efficient way to keep warm in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

Unfortunately, as warm and comfortable as radiant floors are, they are known to malfunction. And because radiant floors aren’t cheap, it can be frustrating when they don’t work properly. At Mold Busters, radiant floor inspections are a fast, simple and non-destructive way of performing regular maintenance of your radiant floors and ensuring they’re working efficiently.

Getting your radiant floors checked is also a great idea if your warranty is about to expire and you want to maximize the value of your initial investment.
So don’t wait.

Contact Mold Busters to schedule your infrared radiant floor inspection!

Types of radiant flooring

Modern under-floor systems can be classified into two main types: hydronic and electric.
Hydronic systems use hot water to heat your floors while electric systems use electrical resistance elements to provide under-floor heating.

Because electric systems are not very cost-effective (requiring a lot of power to operate), they are not as popular as hot water systems. They are, however, easier to install as you do not have to tear up the existing flooring.

Both systems can provide localized heating and whole-building heating; however, only hydronic systems can be used for cooling. Also, both systems need to be installed with caution and by experts to ensure optimal performance, longevity and safety.

Why get a radiant floor inspection?

At Mold Busters, our radiant floor inspections are designed to assess the energy efficiency of your radiant floors and detect any existing or potential problems.

Whether it’s bad wiring or a leaking pipe, our certified thermographers use the latest infrared cameras to get to the source of the problem. And don’t worry, we won’t be tearing up your floors—our cameras do all the work non-destructively.

Our inspections are fast, inexpensive and ensure that your under-floor heating system is working safely and efficiently. Call now to book your radiant floor survey!