Steps for Effective Mold Abatement

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| 2011 Jan 22 |
Steps for Effective Mold Abatement

What would you do if you found mold in your home? Would you panic and try to clean it yourself immediately? Or would you simply ignore it? Well, if you never want to deal with the mold problem again, then simply wiping or scrubbing won’t be enough–there are several other things you must ensure to do for long-lasting relief from mold.

Before we begin, we have to emphasize the importance of getting professional help. Tackling a big mold abatement project yourself risks spreading the contamination and exposing yourself to toxic mold–and that’s the last thing you want!

Once you have found a reputable mold removal company, the process will likely start with a visual inspection of the suspected mold problem to evaluate the extent of the damage. For greater accuracy, an air quality test may be taken. This will let you know exactly the types of mold growing there and the concentrations they’re in.

Systematic mold removal

If remediation is necessary, the experts will follow a systematic series of steps for effective mold removal, which always starts with identifying the source of the mold problem. This is because, no matter how well you clean the mold, it will keep growing back if you don’t fix the source of the mold (and this is usually a moisture problem such as a leak or a flood).

Once the cause of the mold is fixed, from there, the rest of the work is relatively easy as long as you have proper containment set up and are using the appropriate safety gear. Again, this is where professional help comes in extremely handy. What’s more, if you choose Mold Busters for your mold removal needs, we give you a free air quality test upon completion of the mold removal work to confirm that the area is clean and to put your mind at ease.

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