Mold Contamination in Toronto High-Rise Condo

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| 2011 Apr 14 |
Mold Contamination in Toronto High-Rise Condo

If you visit Tom and Jackie Johnson’s luxury Toronto condo, proper attire is required. You might be wondering what proper attire actually means.

Do you need to put on your best dress? No, what you actually have to wear is an anti-contamination suit, gloves and a mask because their once-fabulous high-rise home is now contaminated with mold and deemed unsafe for occupancy.

However, if you go to visit them now, they probably won’t be there because the only thing living there is mold – toxic mold.

Found in the Johnson’s luxury apartment were several different types of mold: Veriscolor, Aspergillus and Stachybotrys, which is more commonly know as black mold. It’s the most dangerous.

Unfortunately, all of the Johnson’s clothes, furniture and belongings are still there, albeit contaminated with mold.

What caused the mold growth?

So what happened? Well, A drain and sewage pipe led to flooding that triggered widespread mold growth. This forced the Johnson’s to leave their home of 20 years. They claim that the mold ruined them both physically and financially.

The aftermath of a burst pipe. The water damage led to a major toxic black mold problem.

Mr. Johnson now struggles with chronic headaches as well as ear and nose bleeds. His only wish is that they had hired a mold removal company to take care of the mold problem sooner.

The Johnson’s are not alone. There are many cases of mold problems in homes reported every year. In fact, mold does not discriminate. It can be found in homes, high rises, businesses, warehouses, schools, daycare facilities – virtually anywhere.

If you suspect a mold problem, don’t wait to get a professional inspection. Once mold takes hold, the financial and physical toll increases, damaging both the home and everyone who lives there.