Cleaning Mold in Your Home

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| 2012 Nov 24 |
Cleaning Mold in Your Home

What You Need to Know Before You Start to Clean Mold

Before you start cleaning mold in your home, you must first understand why it’s there – the root of the problem. After you figure that out, the next step is to fix or eliminate the source of the mold, which usually requires a thorough inspection by a mold removal expert.

The fungi needs a source of moisture, a source of food (organic matter) and the right temperature in order to grow. Areas inside your home that are damp and have poor air circulation are likely to experience mold growth. If you don’t repair what’s causing the mold problem (usually some type of moisture intrusion), there’s a high chance the mold will return. If you’ve had recent flooding, you should dispose of any water-damaged materials (carpets and rugs, furniture, drywall, etc.) immediately as they create ideal conditions for mold growth.

Should I test my home for mold?

Testing for mold is highly recommended because mold is not always visible and doesn’t always give off an odour. In fact, many times, mold can be growing behind walls while the interior of a home seems perfectly clean and dry. Using an infrared camera, a professional mold inspector can identify major issues like mold problems, moisture intrusion, faulty electrical wiring, insufficient ventilation and poor insulation. They can inspect for and detect quickly and without doing any physical damage to your walls.