Test for Mold in Your Apartment

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| 2012 Sep 04 |
Test for Mold in Your Apartment

We all look forward to moving into a new home. It’s an exciting time, when everything looks clean and tidy, you set your furniture out, hang your clothes in the closet, and put your feet under the table. Imagine though how you would you feel if a few months later, you notice that you’re becoming short of breath, your family has been sneezing a lot recently or a member’s asthma is worsening. Unfortunately, these are signs there could be a mold problem in the apartment or house.

Not all mold can be seen by the human eye, and so it often remains untreated. Mold spores then continue to make their way through the air and cause respiratory harm. The experts at Mold Busters highly recommend that you have a mold inspection prior to moving in. When you walk around your new property, you probably won’t notice damp areas behind walls or under floorboards – the areas where mold could be growing.

Our highly-trained inspectors will carry out a thorough investigation using sensitive equipment, including thermal imaging and infrared cameras. This equipment works to detect areas of damp, excessive temperature changes, water leaks and mold growth that you can’t see. Using this equipment, the technicians can get the job done without needing to remove walls or floorboards. They can and will test for mold in attics, basements, crawl spaces, around windows, under carpets and, of course, in the most susceptible areas of the bathroom and kitchen.

Mold releases spores into your indoor air. These spores carry bacteria that will damage your health and the health of anyone else under the same roof, including family, friends and any animals in the house. Black mold can develop and, if it does, know that it’s toxic and will cause more serious health conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis.

Mold Busters’ professional technicians are very experienced in completely removing mold. Calling us will ensure that you move into a clean, mold-free home.

About the Author: Mold Busters is a well-known mold removal company in Canada & Singapore, recognized for their quality work, inspecting for and eliminating mold. Contact Mold Busters for air quality testing and mold testing in Canada.

Mold Busters has offices in and serves Ottawa and Montreal, offering residents and business owners top-quality services and a wide variety of mold inspection and removal services to choose from.

Test for Mold in Montreal Ensuring that your home or office is tested for mold by certified air quality experts is imperative, as frequent or long-term exposure to mold can seriously damage your health.