Mold Dog Inspection


Mold Dog Inspections in Montreal and Ottawa
Ottawa & Montreal

Mold dog inspections are an effective alternative to traditional mold inspection methods. Mold Busters now offers both mold dog inspections in Ottawa and Montreal.

The biggest advantage of using a canine to detect mold is that dogs have a highly developed sense of smell—it’s up to 100,000 times stronger than a human’s sense of smell.

For example, when you walk into a kitchen, you smell apple pie. But when a mold dog enters a kitchen, it smells apples, sugar, butter, cinnamon and every other ingredient used to make the pie. This unique ability makes mold dogs very valuable in mold inspections.

With the help of specially trained and certified mold sniffing dogs, Mold Busters inspectors can trace the mold problem all the way to its source, even if it is hidden behind walls, insulation and other hard-to-reach spaces.

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What Is a Mold Dog Inspection?
What Is a Mold Dog Inspection?

Why choose a mold dog for your inspection needs

Mold dog inspections shows the significant advantages over traditional methods.

Here are just a few reasons why today’s homeowners are opting for mold dog inspections.

  • It’s reliable, cost-effective and non-destructive.

The “nose” of the mold dog is considered a powerful tool—one of the only inspection tools that can detect sources of mold reliably, cost-effectively and non-destructively.

Moreover, research shows that dogs are highly reliable. If a dog finds mold, there is a high statistical probability that the particular area should be further inspected. On the contrary, if the dog does not find any mold, you can rest assured that the area is free and clear of mold.

  • Dogs are reliable and honest.

For many years, man’s best friend has been used by the military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs and drugs. Europe has been using dogs for mold detection for over 20 years.

These faithful creatures are trained to work for food and love, not for money. Hence, they are 100% devoted to their work, and, more than anything, they want to please their master, the mold inspector.

  • Dogs have increased sensitivity.

A mold dog can inspect a home quickly and more thoroughly than any human mold inspector due to its amazing sense of smell. The canine nose can track down literally anything – hidden or far away – due to its olfactory organs.

  • Dogs are hard workers.

According to research, it takes 8 hours for one mold dog to inspect about 200 rooms. Not bad for a day’s work!

How dogs detect problems associated with mold and moisture

If you’ve had recent flooding or other moisture intrusion, you may experience health problems even after the moisture has dried. This is because mold spores can emit toxic gases even after their death.

However, a mold dog is able to pick up on various microbial odours and even find their source. In fact, a mold dog can differentiate between 18 different kinds of common toxic molds as well as between active and inactive spores. As such, mold dog inspections have proven to be very successful methods for locating hidden microbial damage.

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