Infrared Mechanical Survey

Ottawa & Montreal

For Ottawa and Montreal businesses that depend on the efficient operation of mechanical equipment, even the smallest of problems can result in equipment failure and costly downtime.

Due to the nature of these systems, infrared mechanical surveys are one of the most effective methods of identifying problems with rotating equipment (motors, bearings, shafts, etc.); misalignment; insufficient lubrication; and improper tension on drive belts.

Because infrared cameras pick up on temperature abnormalities and overheating non-intrusively, they can be used to detect and resolve problems relating to the design, maintenance or overall operation of mechanical and process systems.

Ensure your mechanical systems are operating smoothly and reduce downtime by booking an infrared inspection in Montreal or Ottawa today.

Infrared Mechanical Inspections
Infrared Mechanical Inspections

Why choose Mold Busters for your infrared mechanical survey?

Mold Busters thermographers are certified and use the latest high-resolution infrared camera equipment for every thermal imaging inspection.

We offer quality mechanical and process infrared services in Ottawa and Montreal that are tailored to your needs. Upon completion of our infrared inspection, you will be provided with a detailed report of the inspector’s findings along with infrared images of the problematic areas. Recommendations for appropriate repair work may also be provided.

Needless to say, we can identify almost any building, plumbing, mechanical or process issue without interrupting service or causing costly physical damage to your property.

Investing in scheduled infrared mechanical surveys and predictive maintenance can reduce downtime and save you money. So contact the certified thermal imaging experts today to get started.