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Residential roof inspection

Making sure that your roof is in good shape is critical if you want to prevent structural deterioration, moisture intrusion into your attic and other problems such as mold growth. In fact, regular roof inspections and proper roof maintenance can literally triple the longevity of your roof!

Luckily, roof inspections are now faster, cheaper and safer than ever before thanks to advancements in thermal imaging technology, which allow you to identify issues with not just your roof, but also your chimney, building envelope, gutters, eavestroughs and other hard-to-reach or inaccessible structures.

At Mold Busters, we use today’s high-resolution thermal imaging cameras to check the condition of your roof in a non-contact, non-destructive way. These inspections often reveal defects like:

  • Curling or cracking shingles
  • Missing roofing material
  • Poorly sealed flashing and flashing failure
  • Water penetration and standing water
  • Blocked gutters and poor water drainage
  • Low slopes
  • Cracks in and around chimneys
  • Wood rot, mold and mildew
  • Deficient fasteners and adhesives
  • Manufacturer defects

Roof inspection is very important, thus don’t wait for it to become your major problem.

Aerial Roof Inspections
Aerial Roof Inspections

Roof leaks and moisture intrusion

The most common defects identified during infrared roof surveys are roof leaks, which are often caused by improper flashing and poorly sealed roof penetrations.

Roof leaks are usually accompanied by moisture intrusion, water damage and huge repair costs. They’re also usually the direct result of poorly installed roofing. Because getting a new roof tends to be expensive, making sure that it’s installed properly is crucial to staying on budget and avoiding major headaches down the road.

Beside ones mentioned above, the most common roof leaks are:

  • Broken shingles (the exterior layer of or a roof)
  • Cracked flashing (thin pieces of metal that are installed under shingles)
  • Improperly sealed valleys (it will result in water intrusion)
  • Clogged gutters
  • Cracked chimney

Luckily, you can avoid these problems—or, at least, minimize their effects—with regular infrared roof inspections. These inspections can help you save money by verifying that your new roof has been installed properly or that your existing roof has been repaired correctly.

Aerial roof inspections

Proper roof maintenance is a continual process that can prevent serious structural problems and expensive damage to your residential, commercial or industrial property. Unfortunately, regular maintenance of roofs and other exterior elements is often hindered by accessibility issues.

Now, there is a simple, quick and affordable solution. Aerial inspections are becoming an increasingly popular way of checking roofs, chimneys, shingles, eavestroughs and other hard-to-reach structures for problems.

With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), our inspectors can provide you with high-quality images and video footage of key structural components that are known to deteriorate over time.

Call Mold Busters and book your aerial roof inspection in Ottawa or Montreal!

Commercial roof inspection

Infrared roof inspections are faster, easier and safer than traditional roof inspections. And they’re not just for residential properties. Commercial roof inspection is very important and worth of every penny.

Many commercial buildings have water drainage and moisture issues due to flat roofs that allow water to accumulate and penetrate inside through cracks and poor seals. An infrared roof inspection can help prevent leaks, moisture intrusion and major property damage by identifying problem areas early on, before they lead to expensive repairs.

It is recommended that you get your commercial roof checked regularly (every 12 months) because even just one rainy day can lead to costly damage.

What you can do?

To prevent roof problems, especially issues that can lead to leaks and later mold,  contact the certified thermographers at Mold Busters.

Mold Busters is a local company that takes pride in delivering timely and affordable services that you can trust. Our inspectors are fully certified and insured with years of experience providing reliable infrared services for residential, commercial properties across Ontario and Quebec.