Aerial Roof Inspection

aerial roof inspection

Mold Busters now provides professional aerial roof inspections for residential, commercial and industrial properties to help inspect areas that are hard to reach, inaccessible or dangerous.

We use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-resolution cameras to inspect your building envelope, roof, chimney, gutters, eavestroughs and other hard-to-reach and often inaccessible structures.

With these small, stable drones, we can get into any area that would have otherwise been too dangerous for an actual inspector to access.

Our inspectors provide you with high-quality images and video footage of the hardest-to-reach areas of your property. For an even more detailed assessment, we can install infrared cameras on our UAVs to help locate sites of moisture intrusion, air leakage, water build-up and heat loss.

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Aerial Roof Inspections

How aerial roof inspections help you

Traditionally an expensive, time-consuming and dangerous process, inspections of roofs, building envelopes and chimneys are now faster, safer and more economical than ever before thanks to advancements in drone technology.

Listed below are just some of the issues that can be uncovered by an aerial roof inspection:

  • Improper installation of roofing
  • Holes in the roof
  • Cracks in the chimney
  • Missing chimney caps
  • Damaged, missing or deteriorating shingles
  • Water intrusion and leaks
  • Water build-up and standing water
  • Blocked eaves and gutters
  • Problematic down spouts
  • Rotting and mold problems

Using UAVs for roof inspections

Home maintenance is a continual process that helps prevent serious structural problems and expensive damage to your home. Unfortunately, proper maintenance of roofs and other exterior elements is often hindered by accessibility issues.

Now, there is a simple, quick and affordable solution. Aerial inspections are becoming an increasingly popular way of checking roofs, chimneys, shingles and eavestroughs for problems, providing detailed images of key structural components that are known to deteriorate over time.

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