Infrared Inspections: A Cost-Effective Solution

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| 2011 Jan 14 |
Infrared Inspections: A Cost-Effective Solution

Infrared technology has markedly changed the way homeowners and home buyers are checking their properties for potential problems and damage.

Infrared inspections make it possible to identify hidden problems non-intrusively, meaning that you don’t have to cut a hole in the wall to see if a pipe is leaking. As you can imagine, this possibility gives fast and accurate results at an extremely low cost.


Applications of infrared inspections

The capabilities of infrared technology are endless. You can literally check your entire home from top to bottom for problems like moisture intrusion, missing insulation, poor ventilation, cracks in the foundation, dangerous electrical wiring, mold and so much more.

This is why everyone from real estate agents to home inspectors and insurance companies have started relying on advanced infrared imaging to reveal important information about a property.

And of course, infrared inspections are not limited to just residential properties. In fact, they are very useful in a variety of commercial and industrial applications like checking the health of mechanical, process and electrical systems. This ensures not only efficient operation, but also, more importantly, safety.

Indeed, infrared inspections and thermal imaging are an invaluable tool in today’s world. To find out about local infrared inspection services in Ottawa, consult with the experts at Mold Busters.

Remember, by catching hidden problems early on, you can prevent expensive and often irreparable damage to your property later on!