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Mold Removal in Petawawa

Mold is a type of fungus whose function is to decompose of dead organic material. The spores and fibre-like structure of individual mold colonies are too small to see with the naked eye. When mold grows together on a surface, it will appear in different colors. Although mold is playing a major role in earth’s eco-system, it can also be very dangerous if we breathe the air saturated with spores and mold fragments. If you suspect any signs of mold in your home or business, call Mold Busters professional team to take a close look at the suspected area and initiate the process of mold remediation, if needed.

Professional Mold Detection: Find and Kill Black Mold
Professional Mold Detection: Find and Kill Black Mold
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Petawawa, Ontario

Petawawa is a town in Southern Ontario, and it’s the most populous municipality in Renfrew County. The town lies on the west bank of the Ottawa river, and due to its beautiful nature, it’s the favorite stop of hikers, canoers and kayakers. The name Petawawa comes from the local Algonquin word biidaawewe, which means ’where one hears a noise like this’.


Bleach does not penetrate or soak into porous surfaces and the active ingredient sodium hypochlorite stays above the surface, while water gets absorbed. That’s why bleach is ineffective in killing mold growth of non porous materials. The coloring of fungi can be removed, but proper mold remediation requires the removal of all mold infested material. For professional help call Mold Busters – our experienced technicians will carry out


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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • I found Mold Busters website today, and it’s amazing that I read about the health problems caused by mold infestation that are identical to mine. What your company is doing is truly a blessing to many people in difficult situations. Most people treat us like we are crazy and hypohondriac! Thank you Mold Busters for sharing the information! Raquel, Petawawa, Ontario
  • The service that I got from Charles was professional and freindly right from the first encounter on the phone. This service carried over into the home visit where he conducted his testing. Knowing that I was very concerned with a potential issue we may have had at hand, he in no way took adavantage of that where he could have provided a false positive in order to further profit for the company. He was very honest, took his time to explain what I was truley dealing with and provided a realistic solution. He put my mind at ease and made me feel confident that Bust Mold Inc. is a trust worthy company with a superior form of customer service. With that being said, I would recommend with full confidence Bust Mold Inc. to anyone that I feel would benefit from this Service. Thank you Patricia K
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