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Mold Removal in Clarence-Rockland

Mold is caused by damp, which is more likely to occur in houses that are overcrowded and lack appropriate heating, ventilation and insulation. Climate change and its effects on the weather (storms, heavy rainfall and floods) are likely to further increase the proportion of buildings with damp and mold problems. Damp problems are commonly encountered in rental houses, often due to poor maintenance.

If you’ve noticed a small portion of visible mold in your home clean hard surfaces using soap and water, or use a bleach solution. In case of extensive mold damage, call Mold Busters, a commercial mold remediation service for best results.

Mold Inspections and Removal in Clarence-Rockland
Mold Inspections and Removal in Clarence-Rockland
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Clarence-Rockland, Ontario

Clarence-Rockland is a city located in Eastern Ontario on the Ottawa river, It was formed in 1998 and it’s officially bilingual, with 69% francophone population being the largest majority. In January 2005, a local community issued a by-law that all businesses in Clarence-Rockland put up signs in both English and French.


No. Some people have a genetic predisposition that puts them at risk for developing allergies to mold. Individuals suffering from mold allergies, especially if they have asthma, can become ill from exposure to even a small amount of mold.

Also, people respond differently to exposure to the toxins that some types of mold release, and that’s why its difficult to determine the safe exposure limits for mold.

For detailed information, contact Mold Busters – they’ll readily answer all your questions and advise you what steps to take in dealing with mold.

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As a new property owner, I was deeply shocked to find out that my new home was infected with mold. It wasn’t long before the professional Mold Busters team was on the job. Now, I can calm down and breathe freely knowing that my family is in a safe and healthy property. In my experience, you can always find a cheaper price company, but then you have to live with the consequences. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the risk! Jasmine, Clarence–Rockland, Ontario
We were worried we had a mold issue in a rental property and your company responded to our request immediately and very professionally. The technician (Charlie) arrived within a couple of hours of our call to perform the testing and he was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Paul G
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