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Mold Removal in Arnprior

Are you experiencing persistent allergies or health problems that you believe are being caused by mold? Find out today--call the certified professionals at Mold Busters for fast, friendly and reliable mold testing and inspection services.

Whatever the issue, we have a variety of effective remediation services that will improve your indoor air quality and ensure that your home remains a healthy and happy place to live.

Mold Testing and Removal Services in Arnprior
Mold Testing and Removal Services in Arnprior
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Arnprior, Ontario

Conveniently located on Hwy 417, just outside of the nation's capital, Arnprior is a town in southern Ontario with a population that's steadily increasing thanks to its growing economy and strategic location. For many residents the cost of living and doing business in Arnprior is just one of the town's many benefits.

I start sneezing every time I go into my basement. Could this be due to mold?

Your reaction is definitely indicative of a mold problem, especially since basements are hot spots for moisture problems and mold. Moreover, any health effects caused by mold can be further aggravated by improper ventilation--and basements are well known for this.

So, in addition to removing mold from your basement and addressing the underlying moisture issue, you should also implement an efficient ventilation system that will promote air exchange and air circulation throughout your entire home.

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Five star service in terms of speed, price and quality! I recommend Mold Busters to everyone looking for a fast and permanent solution. Robert (Arnprior, Ontario)
Very satisfied with the professional service and useful advice we received Kamal L.
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