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Mold Removal in Cumberland

Mold in an indoor environment is usually related to water and moisture. Mold growth may also be caused by incomplete drying of flooring (leaky roofs, concrete, flooding, indoor plumbing problems etc.). Mold Busters professional team will provide you with the best mold removal service. If you’re looking for safe mold removal, you can rely on Mold Busters. Our mold decontamination professionals’ work involves many specialized measures and innovative services (aerial inspections, ozone cleaning, mold inspection...). For fast and long-lasting results at a low cost, look no further, and see for yourself why we hold the unbeatable record for customer service and satisfaction!

Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
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Cumberland, Ontario

Cumberland was founded in 1802. by United Empire Loyalists, Abijah and Elizabeth Dunning, who settled along the river at Cumberland. Cumberland is a large village in eastern Ontario, a part of the historic Township of Cumberland, and originally a part of Russell County. Cumberland Heritage Village Museum prides of heritage from 20s and 30s and true-to-the-era reproduction buildings, including farm animals, costumed people, vintage wagons etc.


Mold can build up quickly anywhere you have tiles, like bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

There is a range of mold sprays designed for protecting tiles, ceramics, plaster and vinyl. Some of these sprays can kill mold and the spores that cause mold regrowth.

If you use these sprays, make sure that they are environmentally friendly.

Still, if a huge area in your home is affected by mold, no spray will help you. In that case look for the professional help of Mold Busters - we guarantee that you won’t regret!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

My home had a really weird smell, so I called Mold Busters. They did mold testing to check if I had mold, and it turned out that the test came back positive. Since I have kids, I was freaking out, but the Mold Busters guy calmed me down and conveyed what I needed to do. They were here for a week, and when they were done, our house was free of mold. I can’t find the exact words to thank these wonderful guys, but Mold Busters really do wonders! Caroline, Cumberland, Ontario
Mold Busters was quick in responding to my request. They scheduled an appointment the next day. They called prior to arriving, and showed up on time. The gentlemen who showed up was very polite and professional. He did perform a swab test, assessed the situation and provided an honest recommendations. Thank you for the excellent service! Mike B
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