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Mold Removal in Casselman

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Mold Removal in Casselman

All houses have to be in a decent state of cleanliness, before being rented out. This implies being free from mold and dampness. Tenants should try to keep their house in a condition that does not encourage mold and damp. Houses should be kept well aired and if the mold appears, it should be removed instantly. Before you move into the property, you and landlord should inspect the property together and note any damage in a property inspection report. If you suspect any signs of mold infestation, make your landlord call Mold Busters - their professional team will do the necessary inspection and take measures to properly convey the remediation process.

Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
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Casselman, Ontario

Casselman is a village located in eastern Ontario on the South Nation River. The village was named after Martin Casselman who built a sawmill near the place in 1844. The village installed modern water and sewer services that became operational in 1977. Casselman was known for L’echo d’un peuple, one of the biggest shows ever presented in Ontario.


Mycotoxins are organic chemicals discharged from the mold. They can be toxic both for humans and animals, primarily by ingestion. Your sense of smell can give you a good indication of the existing mold. Allergic reactions to mold are common – inhaling and touching mold often can provoke allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. If you suspect any signs of mold, call Mold Busters' experienced experts to eliminate mold, dry the affected area and prevent mold growth.


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  • Mold Busters professional team was really helpful when I was stressed out having a newborn and finding out I had mold. They were very discreet and efficient in helping me remove the mold and the disgusting smell that came with it. Mold Busters technicians were amazing and I’m really grateful that they took care of my family’s health! Rayanne, Casselman, Ontario
  • Very knowledgeable and polite. We learned a lot. Ryan P
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