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Mold Removal in Casselman

All houses have to be in relatively good condition before you can rent them out or even attempt to sell them. Buyers/renters these days have higher expectations for their prospective homes, both in terms of size, design and overall cleanliness.

If you're trying to rent out or sell your home, you should ensure that it is free from major structural threats, indoor pollutants, odours and moisture problems, which can ultimately lead to black mold and compromised indoor air quality. Keep your home well ventilated and remove any mold immediately, before it spreads.

Similarly, if you're a tenant or a buyer, you should have the home inspected before moving into or purchasing it. Call Mold Busters for fast, professional mold inspection and air quality testing services. We offer same-day service and full reports for Casselman clients.

Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
Effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality
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Casselman, Ontario

Casselman is a village located in eastern Ontario on the South Nation River. The village was named after Martin Casselman who built a sawmill near the place in 1844.

The village installed modern water and sewer services that became operational in 1977. Casselman was known for L’echo d’un peuple, one of the biggest shows ever presented in Ontario.


Mycotoxins are toxic organic chemicals released by certain species of mold, including black mold. Exposure to these mycotoxins can result in major health problems, both acute and chronic. You should therefore always seek to eliminate any sources of mycotoxins from your indoor environment so as not to compromise your indoor air quality.

If you're trying to figure out whether or not you have a toxic mold problem in your home, you cannot rely solely on visible signs or your sense of smell. Often, black mold grows in hard-to-reach spaces or even behind walls and underneath surfaces, where we cannot see it. If you suspect the presence of mycotoxin-producing molds, call Mold Busters. Our black mold specialists offer:

  • visual mold assessments and mold testing
  • non-invasive infrared inspections
  • black mold removal
  • post-remediation air quality testing
  • odour removal

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The Mold Busters professional team was really helpful when I was stressed out having a newborn and finding out I had mold. They were very discreet and efficient in helping me remove the mold and the disgusting smell that came with it. Mold Busters technicians were amazing and I’m really grateful that they took care of my family’s health! Rayanne, Casselman, Ontario
Very knowledgeable and polite. We learned a lot. Ryan P
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