Are Mold Dog Inspections Safe for Dogs?

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| 2012 Dec 21 |
Are Mold Dog Inspections Safe for Dogs?

Dogs often act as detectors: they’re used by authorities to sniff out bombs, drugs, explosives, etc. But man’s best friend has also been the latest weapon in detecting mold. Traditional mold detection methods can be costly and time-consuming. Certified mold dogs generate quick and accurate results, leading to lower mold remediation costs for homeowners.

In Europe, dogs have been used to detect mold for over 20 years. According to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, a properly trained and certified mold detection dog is recognized as a “scientific instrument.”

Professional mold remediation companies like Mold Busters in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto use mold dogs extensively in mold inspections as they are, by nature, energetic, intelligent and thorough. The average mold dog is able to work between eight and ten years, as long as it stays healthy and strong.

How Mold Dogs Can Benefit You

Mold and mold spores often hide behind walls, insulation and many other hard-to-reach spaces. They can, however, be easily tracked down by a mold dog’s powerful sense of smell. Their noses can even be considered powerful, cutting-edge technology. Their amazing sensitivity can be attributed to their olfactory organs. This extreme sensitivity allows them to discriminate between target and non-target odours and learn as many as ten different odours.

To illustrate, when you walk into a kitchen, you smell apple pie. A mold dog, however, smells apples, sugar, butter, cinnamon and all the other ingredients that make up the pie. This unique ability has made mold dog inspections very important and effective. A mold dog can differentiate between 18 different kinds of common toxic molds, and it can smell both active and inactive mold spores.

The Dogs Are Not in Danger

Questions have been raised regarding the health hazards posed to mold dogs due to exposure to mold, mold spores and toxic gases. However, research suggests that dogs have a unique ability to purge odours and other contaminants from their olfactory organs. This is very convenient as the outdoor environment contains thousands of molds, pollen and other allergens. When dogs go outside, they are constantly sniffing the ground and everything else they can find. The reason they don’t get affected by various particulate matter is this unique purging ability.

Mold Dog Inspections in Ottawa
Because of their incredible sense of smell, dogs are able to detect mold growth that is hiding in your home. Mold dog inspections in Ottawa are reliable and they’re safe for the dog.

The next time you suspect mold, consider hiring a professional mold dog inspection company like Mold Busters. Contact us today to book a mold dog inspection in Ottawa or another city or to simply find out more about our mold dog inspection services.