When Professional Mold Inspections Become Necessary

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| 2011 Mar 23 |
When Professional Mold Inspections Become Necessary

The demand for professional mold inspection services is growing with each day, and this can be greatly attributed to increasing public awareness about the toxic effects of mold. When mold starts to grow on a surface like wood or drywall, it needs to be removed immediately or else it will spread very quickly!

There are 3 main signs that it’s time for you to seek help from a professional mold inspection company. Here they are.

  • 1. Damp, musty odours: You may come across a damp smell in your house that has no apparent source or cause. This is the first sign of mold growing somewhere–either behind walls or in carpets. Unfortunately, many homeowners live with the smell believing that it’s nothing serious, just a bad smell. However, this smell is caused by MVOCs, hazardous compounds emitted by toxic mold spores.


  • 2. High relative humidity in kitchens and bathrooms: Because kitchens and bathrooms are continuously exposed to moisture (think about the moisture produced by cooking, washing, showering, etc.), they are common hot spots for mold. In these situations, you should attempt to clean the mold as soon as possible to minimize the damage and prevent spreading. You should also implement measures to reduce humidity levels in those areas to about 30%-50% (use exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, etc.).


  • 3. Visible water stains: Stains resulting from water damage are a great place to start when looking for mold. Chances are that if the stain formed, the area was not dried immediately after the flood or leak occurred. Even though the mold may not be visible, it could still be hiding behind the walls or underneath the floor.

People are just starting to realize the true value of professional mold inspections. In fact, they are slowly becoming a common condition in real estate offers to purchase. A mold inspection conducted by a certified professional will give you an expert opinion about the true structural health of your home.

Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to mold has been known to cause major health problems in both youth and the elderly. So, instead of waiting and hoping that your mold problem will go away on its own, contact a professional mold removal company and take action today!

To confirm whether or not there is, in fact, mold growing in your home, you must book a professional mold inspection. Mold is often difficult to see and impossible to reach. Also, it’s not mold until it’s tested!