Importance of Air Quality Testing In New Houses

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| 2012 Jul 05 |
Importance of Air Quality Testing In New Houses

As per the standards of Part L1 of the Building Regulations 2000, which came into effect in 2006, there is a major need for air testing, particularly in newly constructed homes or buildings currently being built. Owners of older homes or of homes that were built hundreds of years ago also need to understand the importance of air quality testing.

In fact, indoor air quality testing in Montreal is a very important service that allows property owners to verify the integrity of their building and identify any kind of air leakage in the fabric layer of the envelope. In most cases, air leakage is caused by gaps, holes, or even cracks in ceilings, walls and the building envelop.

If you want to avoid leakage, and perhaps mold, enlist a professional air testing service, such as the one provided by Mold Busters, one of the best mold remediation and air quality testing companies in the industry. Mold Busters performs comprehensive air testing to identify and locate holes in the structure of the building and apply appropriate techniques so as to secure the structure and walls of the building.

Another advantage of this service is that it significantly reduces the carbon footprint on the walls of building structures in Montreal. Mold Busters’ technicians take all necessary precautions and apply methods so that these problems can be resolved immediately and that houses can be free from further air leakage problems and all other related-troubles.

Air Quality Testing in Montreal
The indoor air quality (IAQ) inside homes should be tested to ensure there is no mold or other hazardous indoor air pollutants. Make sure your home is healthy and safe and reduce your carbon foot print with air quality testing.