Air Quality Testing in Ottawa

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| 2011 Jan 09 |
Air Quality Testing in Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and it’s known for its unique blend of sightseeing, culture, outdoor beauty and relaxed urban atmosphere.

To maintain and foster a healthy living environment for all residents, many local companies have started offering air quality testing in Ottawa at attainable prices.

Needless to say people all over Canada are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of the air that they are breathing.

And they should be, as these days there is an ever-growing number of things compromising our indoor environment, from pollen and dust to mold, asbestos and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Benefits of air quality testing

The major appeal of air quality testing is that it can reveal if your air is contaminated by any hazardous pollutants, allowing you to form an effective remediation plan if it is.

When it comes to mold, air quality testing allows you to identify the exact species of mold present. This is helpful because not all species of mold are toxic, and not all black spots on walls are black mold.

Now that you know about this very helpful tool, it’s up to you to use it! Contact Mold Busters, your local air quality testing company, and book your air test today!