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Mold Removal in Metcalfe

It's our mission at Mold Busters to protect Metcalfe residents from the adverse effects of poor IAQ and keep Metcalfe's buildings free of mold, asbestos and other indoor air pollutants.

We are fully trained and certified to handle all of your mold and air quality concerns with equipment you can trust and at a rate you can afford.

Mold Inspections and Removal
Mold Inspections and Removal
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Metcalfe, Ontario

Metcalfe is located in the rural south end of the city of Ottawa, Ontario. The village was originally called Osgoode, but in 1877. it changed its name to Metcalfe in honor of Charles Theophilus, Governor General of Canada (1843-1846.). Metcalfe was once a stop on stagecoach route from Ottawa to Cornwall. Today, the village functions mostly as a residential community for the city of Ottawa. It’s known for Metcalfe agricultural fair, established in 1856.


We do not recommend testing for mold yourself! Perhaps, it’s better to assume there is a problem whenever you see mold or smell mold odors.

Testing should never take the place of visual inspection and should never use up resources needed to fix moisture problems and remove all visible mold growth.

Sometimes mold growth is hidden and difficult to locate, so in such cases, combination of air and bulk samples may help determine the extent of contamination and where cleaning is needed.

Mold testing can rarely answer questions about health concerns. Feel free to call Mold Busters – our professional experts will answer all your questions and eagerly give you advice related to mold issues.

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„I can’t say enough good things about Mold Busters! I had a leak in the bathroom that threatened to ruin my wood floors and drywall. Mold Busters responded immediately and executed the restoration plan flawlessly. The project manager and his team were professional, attentive, and on-time. All in all, if you have water damage, I assure you that this is the company that you want to call!“ Max, Metcalfe, Ontario
They were very professional and provided a full report Michel B
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