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Mold Removal in Gloucester

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Mold Removal in Gloucester

Mold Busters is Gloucester's first choice for indoor air quality testing and mold remediation. Our team of trained and experienced technicians is committed to keeping mold, asbestos and VOCs out of commercial and residential properties.Our technicians are certified with NAMP (the National Association of Mold Professionals) and follow ANSI/IICRC guidelines. They complete every job, be it an inspection or remediation, in the safest and most effective manner.

Mold Testing and Remediation in Gloucester
Mold Testing and Remediation in Gloucester
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Gloucester, Ontario

Now considered an essential part of Ottawa, Gloucester used to be one of 11 municipalities that amalgamated in 2001 to form the new city of Ottawa. With a population of 123,678 (2011), it is a large suburb that is home to numerous schools, shopping centres and parks.

Where should I be looking for mold?

Look for mold in areas you don't often; for example, the attic or the crawlspace. If there's moisture build-up in either of these areas, you probably won't notice it as soon as you would in common living areas, and mold will have the necessary 24-48 hours to develop.

Check areas of the home that are prone to moisture--basically, anywhere there's piping, running water, windows, doors, etc. Look for mold in the basement, where the ceiling comes together with the wall; the bathroom, underneath the sink and around the tub; and the carpet, following any spills or flooding.


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  • Really great service...not something you'd expect from such a big company. I would recommend Mold Busters to all of my friends and family. P. P. (Gloucester, Ontario)
  • Charlie was really helpful and gave me lots of great tips. James S
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