Canadian Marijuana Grow Houses Revealed

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| 2011 Mar 28 |
Canadian Marijuana Grow Houses Revealed

The Canadian Real Estate Association estimates that there are up to 50,000 grow ops in Canada, and this number is still rising.

Recently, however, at least three Canadian police departments are publishing the addresses of marijuana grow houses that have been identified and shut down, which means these properties will soon be entering the real estate market.

While this shouldn’t detract buyers from purchasing a home, it should force them to be more vigilant when exploring their options. This includes insisting on thorough home mold inspections and air quality testing before making any offers.

What is a grow op and is it dangerous?

Basically, a marijuana grow house is a building that has been physically altered to facilitate the production of marijuana. Such alterations include cutting into hydro power sources in order to steal electricity that’s needed to power the complex lighting system. Another example is changing the ventilation system to get rid of the strong smell produced by a marijuana plant.

Furthermore, regular use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides on the marijuana plants can also contaminate the indoor air, making it highly toxic. And because of the enormous amount of water and humidity used to cultivate these plants, houses are typically left with serious and costly mold problems.

Sometimes, the structural damage caused by black mold (the by-product of the grow op) can be so severe that the house must be completely demolished. Other times, the damage can be repaired and the mold cleaned if done so by a professional. However, it’s important to act fast, so if you suspect a mold problem due to a marijuana grow op, contact the experts immediately!

Houses once used for a marijuana grow op are more prone to mold growth because of their high levels of humidity. It’s not uncommon for these homes to be contaminated with toxic black mold.