Are Legal Marijuana Grow Ops Dangerous?

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| 2011 Mar 10 |
Are Legal Marijuana Grow Ops Dangerous?

Compared to other countries, Canada has relatively relaxed laws on marijuana use, and as such, licensed marijuana grow operations for medical use are completely legal.

However, these growers rarely have any experience running a commercial facility, so they often use residential houses to grow the marijuana.

The cultivation process often creates a buildup of moisture and heat – the ideal conditions for mold growth. These homes are, therefore, no better off just because they were legal.

Marijuana Grow Op Inspections
Marijuana grow ops often lead to major mold growth on walls and structural components of a house. Get your home checked today!


Marijuana Grow Ops and Mold

Just like the illegal grow ops you see ravaged by toxic black mold, legal marijuana grow ops are just as prone to this hazardous mold. This can be a problem for unsuspecting buyers.

If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s important to keep in mind that real estate agents might be less motivated or obligated to tell you that the home is a former grow op because they want to make the sale.

You should, therefore, insist on getting it checked professionally, especially if the property seems suspicious.

And remember, a typical home inspection (performed as part of a condition of an offer to purchase a home) does not guarantee that any mold will be found, and it is extremely difficult to hold the home inspector, real estate agent or seller liable if you do find mold later on.

That’s why professional mold inspections are a better alternative if you are concerned about your home being a former grow op.

And make sure not to wait to long, because mold problems can grow out of control very quickly, wreaking havoc on your home and your health.