sand blasting

Ottawa & Montreal

Sandblasting is a type of abrasive blasting that’s typically used to clean brick, stone, concrete and wood. It’s also a good option for paint stripping and mold removal.

At Mold Busters, we use sandblasting in Ottawa and sandblasting in Montreal primarily to remove tough black mold problems, wall discoloration and water stains from both small and large surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

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Professional Mold Removal Services
Professional Mold Removal Services

How does sandblasting work?

Sandblasting works by propelling very fine bits of sand at high-velocity to clean a surface. Sand is one of the most common materials used for this purpose but baking soda and dry ice are also good alternatives.

There are typically three components to any sandblasting machine:

  1. The media (in this case, sand)
  2. An air compressor
  3. A blaster nozzle

The sand is blasted so strongly against a surface that it removes the outside layer of soil and other dirt. The process is very loud and messy, but effective.

Choose a professional for your sandblasting needs

Because sandblasting can present health and safety risks to workers, it must be done by a trained professional in a controlled environment.

Mold Busters technicians are always fully protected with hard hats, hearing protection, and respirators that protect them from inhaling the dust and other fine particles created during the process.

In addition, we always make sure that nearby objects are covered, that doors and windows are protected and that any openings are sealed.

So if you’re in need of powerful cleaning, contact Mold Busters and ask about our sandblasting services in Montreal and Ottawa.

*Please note that sandblasting should not be used to clean drywall, plywood and stucco.