Health Symptoms Associated with Black Mold Exposure

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| 2013 Feb 18 |
Health Symptoms Associated with Black Mold Exposure

We all know mold isn’t welcomed in the home, but did you know too that breathing in the presence of mold can harm your health? There are over 2,000 different species of mold and the most dangerous of all is called Stachybotrys Chartarum, also known as black mold or the “invisible killer”.

Why is black mold so dangerous? Black mold releases toxic spores that linger in the air and attack your respiratory health. The potency of these toxic spores has proved to be the most detrimental to human health. Black mold often appears as slimy and greenish-black. If its water source runs out, black mold can also appear as dry and powdery. Black mold is also dangerous because it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish from other species of mold.

Black Mold Exposure in Gatineau
There are several effects mold has on your health & well being. Recognize the symptoms of mold exposure.

The following are symptoms associated with black mold exposure:

• Eye irritation

• Fever

• Chronic headaches

• Sneezing

• Rashes

• Chronic fatigue

In severe cases, symptoms caused by inhaling black mold can lead to the following health troubles:

• Vomiting

• Nausea

• Asthma

• Respiratory complications

Sometimes mold invades spaces that are hard to see and reach. It spreads fast, burrowing into walls and ceilings and hiding in cupboards and under carpets. Quite often, people are exposed to black mold without even knowing it. If you or anyone in your home is experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms without knowing why, you may be exposed to mold.

Black mold should be approached with extreme caution. Tackling black mold without proper knowledge and equipment is unsafe. The suspected contamination should always be examined and removed by professionals. A professional black mold removal service will tackle the contamination with advanced equipment and technology. For instance, protective masks and gear should be worn at all times, to ensure maximum safety.