How Quickly Does Black Mold Spread?

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| 2012 Sep 06 |
How Quickly Does Black Mold Spread?

Given the proper conditions, black mold spreads quickly. People are sometimes not even aware that their homes are contaminated with black mold until the fungus has covered an entire wall. The good news is that by knowing how and why black mold grows, you can minimize the threat of it in your home.

Black mold is a serious issue for the majority of homeowners, primarily because it thrives in everyday conditions. The speed at which black mold spreads and the extent of damage it does to your property depends on how quickly you act to remediate it. Mold can become a problem before any major signs are visible, but by recognizing its signs you can prevent it from spreading.

Signs of mold growth

Some areas are more prone to mold growth than others. The following are some visible cues that the space is susceptible to mold:

  • There’s a current or past moisture problem such as a leaky pipe, faucet, or toilet; condensation on windows; recent flooding; etc.
  • Humidity levels are high (relative humidity over 50% gives rise to mold problems).
  • The walls and other surfaces are discoloured (yellow water stains, black spots, etc.).
  • There’s a persistent musty or earthy smell, with no visible source or cause.
  • You’re experiencing unusual and recurrent ymptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and rashes.

Mold spores are tiny and they can make their way through your home via air conditioners, heating systems and ventilation units. You can even carry them on your body without knowing it. Since these spores travel in the air, they can be easily spread and even more easily inhaled by the home’s occupants.

Risks of black mold

There are several risks associated with black mold. As it spreads, black mold can destroy your personal belongings, cause severe structural damage to your house and compromise your overall quality of life. There are also health symptoms linked to black mold exposure, including breathing difficulties, vision loss, chronic fatigue and permanent loss of cognitive ability.

To avoid all the problems caused by toxic black mold, talk to a professional mold removal company.