COVID-19 Surface Testing

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Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s perfectly natural to feel uneasy about your living or working environment. No matter whether you’re self-isolating as a precaution or permitted to open shop again by the government, it makes sense to be concerned for your safety and wellness. Viral bacteria can survive for as long as several days on certain surfaces, and there’s no way of knowing where it is since it’s invisible to the naked eye.

covid 19 surface testing

So, why take the risk? Fortunately, there’s no need to: We’re glad to offer a highly proactive service in the form of dedicated COVID-19 surface testing. Working with qualified laboratories, our team is fully certified and trained to carry out surface testing, providing you with results to inform your disinfection choices. Please note that this is not a personal test; it exists as a service to determine the level of infection on surfaces in your home or business.

Our Approach to COVID-19 Surface Testing

  • Fully compliant with InterNACHI COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • Physical distancing implemented, complete with protective equipment
  • Attentive, careful handling of samples and specimens to ensure testing accuracy
  • Fully trained and certified to provide surface bacterial testing
  • Results sent to a reputable laboratory for comprehensive testing

How Our Testing Works?

There is widespread evidence that COVID-19 pathogens can remain active on different surfaces for different periods of time. For instance, on cardboard the lifespan is 24 to 36 hours, while on metal or plastic it can last for several days. Our surface testing takes advantage of this lifespan, collecting bacterial samples while pathogens may still be present or even alive.

covid 19 surface test

This type of test has been widely implemented elsewhere, authorized by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) for testing on surfaces only. Swabs are only analyzed by the lab after a specialized extraction process is performed to remove substances found in dirt, dust and otherwise that can complicate testing accuracy. Once the results are generated, we’ll inform you as soon as we receive them.

Why Choose Our COVID-19 Surface Testing?

  1. Reopening a business
  2. Keeping your home safe and healthy
  3. Determining whether a sick individual has spread the virus
  4. Protecting at-risk household members or employees
  5. Verifying that surfaces have been adequately disinfected

Obtain Peace of Mind and Stay Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I avoid touching certain surfaces or materials?

Alternatively, consider simply not touching them for the period of time the virus is known to survive. For example, if you receive a delivery from Amazon, leave the package alone where it can’t be disturbed for 24 hours. The cardboard shipping box should then be safe to open and, depending on how long the contents of the package have been sealed or untouched, your item may be safe to open as well. COVID-19 pathogens have different lifespans depending on the surfaces that they’re living on. For example, these pathogens can be expected to remain living on cardboard surfaces for up to 36 hours where they may last on metal or plastic for many days. Always be proactive when touching certain surfaces or types of materials, especially if they’re newly introduced to your home or work environment from somewhere else. And, of course, practice frequent handwashing regardless.

What’s the COVID-19 surface testing procedure?

Our team will arrive in protective gear and perform strict physical distancing to collect swab samples from various surfaces within your property. We then carefully send these samples to a lab for thorough testing, the results of which are sent back to you. At that point, depending on whether results are positive, we’ll work with you on organizing an appropriate solution.

What results will I get from the COVID-19 surface testing?

Once the surface testing is complete, you will know for sure whether the Sars-CoV2 virus is present or not. A positive test result does not mean that your property is filled with the pathogen. In many cases, a deep cleaning and disinfection combined with delayed access to minimize risk is all that’s needed. If someone develops a case on your property, however, it can be a more complicated matter and proper government-directed steps should be followed.

COVID-19 Surface Testing