Basement Ventilation Services

Basements are some of the most poorly ventilated rooms in a house. They’re cold, dark, musty and, because of their location below ground, they are also highly prone to moisture intrusion, high humidity and condensation.

These consistently cool and wet conditions make basements hotspots for mold and mildew problems as well as musty odours. That’s why basement ventilation in Ottawa is a service of ours that is always in demand–the same goes for basement ventilation in Montreal.

An efficient ventilation system will expel stagnant or polluted air from inside and bring in fresh, clean air from outside. It will help eliminate odours, lower humidity, and keep allergies and asthma at bay.

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EZ Breathe ventilation system

Years of professional experience removing mold and restoring water damage have led the team at Mold Busters to firmly believe in the power and efficiency of the EZ Breathe ventilation unit.

With its cutting edge technology, the EZ Breathe system gets rid of the two major contributors to poor indoor air quality—mold spores and excess moisture. It purifies air and expels other pollutants like bacteria, allergens, and odours out of your home.

The EZ Breathe unit is extremely energ efficient, using only 40 watts of electricity and costing just $4/month to operate. Its large capacity is equivalent to that of 7 dehumidifiers, and it fits in anywhere due to its sleek design and quiet operation. It even comes with a 10-year warranty.

Don’t wait to try it! Call Mold Busters today and see for yourself how quickly and easily the EZ Breathe ventilation system will restore freshness in your home.

Poor ventilation and basement mold

The biggest cause of basement mold is moisture. Believe it or not, water is your biggest enemy when it comes to your basement. And because basements are so prone to flooding, leaks, high humidity and, last but not least, poor ventilation, they are hot spots for mold, fungi and musty odours.

Mold can spread very easily and quickly (generally within 24 to 48 hours of moisture exposure) into other parts of a house. This can compromise the structural integrity of your home, decrease indoor air quality and, ultimately, put your health at risk.

How to Improve IAQ in Basements

Ensuring that your basement is properly ventilated will go a long way in preventing moisture build-up, mold growth and those unpleasant odours so frequently associated with basements.

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Common FAQ’s about basement ventilation

Do cellars need ventilation?

It is beneficial to maintain sufficient airflow throughout the house. Seeing as mold prefers dark, cold, and moist environments, cellars are an ideal breeding ground for potential mold issues. Improving the ventilation in a cellar can help to reduce the levels of relative humidity below 50%, which is ideal in helping to prevent mold growth.

How do I circulate the air in my basement?

Basements require adequate air circulation to help prevent conditions that are conducive to mold growth. Here are some ideas to help improve the air in your basement:

  • Install an air exchanger, or HRV (heat recovery ventilator) system
  • Install a stand-alone ventilation unit, such as the EZ Breathe system
  • Run the fan on your current forced-air furnace system year-round
  • Create passive ventilation by opening the windows along with oscillating fans running in the basement area
  • Keep the basement free of clutter, unnecessary retentive materials, and ensure large items such as sofas or cabinets are at least 4-6” away from any exterior wall