Retail Store Disinfection Services

Do you operate a retail store or chain that remains open as an essential service, even during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, then you know that the general public – and employees – rely on having a clean, safe environment indoors.

Keeping your store neat and tidy is one thing, but deep cleaning requires more elbow grease and has a greater impact on public safety. The risk of bacterial spread and viral transmission is always high in these environments, especially in popular locations that get a lot of foot traffic.

retail store disinfection services

Let our team at Mold Busters help you out with comprehensive, proactive retail store disinfection services, especially during these trying times. Alternatively, if your business is closed due to the pandemic and you want to ensure it stays sanitized and safe for workers and customers upon reopening, we’re happy to assist you there.

internachi covid 19 guidelines

Utilizing state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and tools, trusted techniques and years of professional disinfection experience, our IICRC and RBQ-certified experts are an ideal choice for keeping your retail operations safe and healthy for all.

Our Approach to Retail Store Disinfections

  • Dedicated, detail-focused onsite inspections
  • Full InterNACHI COVID-19 safety guidelines compliance
  • Virtual assessments available upon request
  • Strict social and physical distancing enforced
  • Highly trained disinfection professionals with years of practical expertise

Switch to a Virtual Assessment for Retail Store Scope of Work

Perhaps your business is closed and you don’t want anyone going in until it’s properly disinfected. Or, maybe you’re open but would prefer offsite consultations. Regardless, our virtual inspections are a great alternative. They still enable us to gain clearer insights as to how your operations behave and which risks are present, but we won’t have to stop by until the day of the disinfection service.

The process is easy; it just involves getting in touch with one of our fully certified indoor environmental specialists. They’re here to help, capable of performing a comprehensive remote evaluation of the property in question, identifying risky areas and empowering our cleaning team with the knowledge they need of your layout. You’ll receive a quote and timeframe, and we’ll arrange for a day that suits your schedule for the work itself.

Our Retail Store Disinfection Process: Step by Step

  1. Comprehensive front door flushing
  2. Dislodging of harmful airborne particulates
  3. Dedicated HEPA vacuuming
  4. Thorough sanitization of all touchpoints such as door handles, buttons, shelving, etc.
  5. Antiviral disinfection fogging service

Protect Your Employees, Customers and Business with Our Expert Disinfection Services!

Retail Store Disinfection FAQ’s

What are the sources of transmission in retail environments?

Anything that the customer can interact with should be treated almost as if it were a biohazard – in times of COVID-19, that’s anything but an exaggeration. Therefore, shelves, doors, display countertops, debit machines, floors, and every single product on the shelf are the most likely candidates for germs harbouring infectious viral strains. Employee common spaces such as break and locker rooms, cash registers, and shipping areas are also at risk.

How often should my store be disinfected?

It all depends on the size of your store, whether it’s open during the pandemic, and how much foot traffic you get. A general rule of thumb is to implement a thorough disinfection once a month, but it’s not out of the ordinary to see retail operators do this many times a week given the current situation.

How do I know if my business is essential?

Depending on the province – and even the city in some rare cases – specific retailers may be deemed essential and permitted to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis. Of course, this changes day by day as the list is constantly being adjusted, so keep an eye out. If you’re unsure, check with local healthcare authorities and regulators.

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