Office Disinfection Services

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Keeping employees, visitors, and building maintenance staff safe is critical to maintaining performance standards. The trouble is, every office layout is completely different, and every operator fits theirs out in a different way. Some are full of plush fabric-upholstered furniture that harbour germs more easily, while others opt for hardwood flooring in place of carpeting to minimize allergen risk.

However, despite the best efforts of many, no office is immune to the spread of viruses, bacteria and other germs. In smaller spaces where people work and interact in close proximity to one another, it doesn’t take much for an illness to spread through the employee population.

This is where our team comes in, protecting yours as well as your bottom line, with our office disinfection services. With full IICRC and RBQ certification and under the guidance of strict preventative standards to combat COVID-19, we work diligently to disinfect your workplace and make it a safer, more comfortable place to work.

By choosing us, you’ll benefit from safeguarded operational resources, minimized cost damage, and a team of healthy employees by mitigating as many risk elements as possible. We can provide single-instance or recurring office disinfection services upon request, ensuring the cleanest and most hygienic environment possible.

Our Approach to Quality Office Disinfections

  • Free, meticulous onsite inspections to gauge conditions
  • Full compliance with InterNACHI COVID-19 safety guidelines
  • Virtual assessments available upon request
  • Physical and social distancing is strictly enforced
  • Usage of ample personal protection equipment and state-of-the-art disinfection equipment

Don’t Want an In-Person Office Assessment? Switch to a Virtual One for Free!

Managing an office during the COVID-19 crisis is no easy feat, and many operators are switching to remote commuting as a precaution. We can do the same while still providing comprehensive office disinfection services you can depend on! If you’re uncomfortable with that scheduled in-person onsite assessment, switch to a virtual inspection today. It’s our way of ensuring everyone’s safety and wellness before risk elements within the property are identified and addressed.

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The process begins once you connect digitally with one of our fully certified indoor environmental specialists. They’ll conduct a remote evaluation of your property to help pinpoint areas of particular interest to our cleaning team. This helps us determine the level of risk as well as any complications that could extend the disinfection process, such as whether an employee had recently developed COVID-19 symptoms. We’ll then provide you with a quote and timeframe before setting an appropriate date for the service itself.

Our Office Disinfection Process: Step By Step

  1. An air flushing station is installed at the entrance
  2. Particulates are dislodged from the interior space
  3. Thorough HEPA vacuuming of all areas is performed
  4. Disinfection of all touchpoints including desks, doors, and more using industrial-grade cleaners
  5. Antiviral fogging is performed to distribute antimicrobial disinfectant across all surfaces

Keep Your Employees and Office Efficiency Safe

Office Disinfection FAQ’s

How much does your office disinfection cost?

We always strive to provide the most cost-effective rates possible, especially during difficult times such as these. The total cost of your office disinfection service will vary depending on the size of the property, the length of time required to perform a sufficient deep cleaning, and the amount of work required on behalf of our team. We also offer discounts for recurring services to offset the cost further.

Can I disinfect the office entirely in-house?

Yes, but we don’t recommend attempting anything intensive. Doing so without medical-grade protective apparel greatly increases the risk of exposure. In addition, if you don’t have powerful enough disinfection equipment or sufficient training in the best cleaning practices, the results won’t be nearly as effective. If you’re feeling unsure, it’s better not to risk it and call in certified experts instead.

Are there steps I should take to prepare the office for disinfection?

Only do what you can safely; we have the resources and equipment to handle more risky tasks. Removing sensitive components such as computers, monitors, networking peripherals, and other electronics that could become damaged by moisture is a good idea, as is throwing out any perishable items as a precaution. Reach out to us for further guidance – we’re happy to help!

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